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Ideals are great when you're young

Speaking to someone about what you in life and how you regard study I was drawn back to a conversation with a passionate young ecologist whose dream was to go to university and then get out and change the world. As time progressed and the 'A' Levels...
by Vic the Vicar on Aug 26, 2011

Loving as Christ loves us

After the Good Friday witness I met people who spoke of a man, mentally ill, needing to be managed or acted against 'decisively' or as one put it, "Just locked up!"As they uttered those words I had the feeling that a man, somewhere in time was holdin...
by Vic the Vicar on Apr 24, 2011

HS2 - Should the Church be involved?

Moving on from the London march today I am prompted to continue on a different vein. Office said (Harriet Monsell) and desk looking clear (it's all on the floor!), fresh tea on desk and a collection of tits, sparrows and dunnocks hanging from the fee...
by Vic the Vicar on Mar 26, 2011

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