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Stiffness of Academic System for Students

I want to commence with an optimistic node. Whatsoever are being displayed, it sounds like our prayers have been reciprocated. Our More then 6,000 martyrs blood have...

Quality education is more important than quantity education

As we are the witness of Pakistan education system, will all of us belive that the education system is fair to all students?We will never imposed our opinion on you,we just point out the problems that had been facing  by the pakistan’s educati...
by ALL WHAT YOU WANT on Mar 5, 2015

Urainge us aasman me song Ali Zafar mp4 video download

Urainge us aasman me song Ali Zafar mp4 video download in 3gp, mp4, HD torrent. Became the anthem of hope for our country which song features many famous personalities from all aspects of the media. Came together for the video, which stars Bushra Ans...
by Today Trending News on Feb 9, 2015

Picture Worth Thousand Words: One Naan and Two Pakoras.

A picture is worth a thousand words they say. I was always curious to find out if that was true, well it actually is true. There are several angles to look at this picture, aren't there. It shows you different feelings as well, emotions, they way...
by Finding Neverland on Nov 12, 2013

Pakistan Conquers in Hindustan, Wins Best Delegate Award

Pakistan conquers in Hindustan - Two Pakistani students Hassan Ayub and Asad Maqbool from Aitchison College, Lahore managed to win "Best delegate award". Nine member team from Pakistan...

First Sex Education Survey Conducted in Pakistan by NGO

Abbotabad: A foreign Non Government Organization has conducted a survey on sex related topics from teenager boys violating a ban imposed by authorities in garrison city of Abbotabad.

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