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How to be Energy Efficient with Washing Machine and Reduce the Usage of Water?

We have talked about being energy efficient with your refrigerators last month, now let’s discuss another very common home appliance, the WASHING MACHINE. Yes we all have one in our home and we all know how to use it, we literally have been using t...
by NATHERS Blog on Dec 5, 2016

Cutting Down on Energy Waste – Efficient Use of Resources

Did you know that energy mismanagement is the reason why many businesses pay more than they need to pay for energy? ... The post Cutting Down on Energy Waste – Efficient Use of Resources appeared first on Schaffhouser Electric.
by Schaffhouser Electric Company on Nov 30, 2016

Bright Home in Repurposed Industrial Harbor Quarter in the Netherlands

The historic buildings within Deventer’s repurposed industrial harbor have been given new meaning as a social and cultural meeting place.  Among the renovated warehouses and other redefined spaces, Studio MAKS constructed Deventer House, a bright,...
by khairuddinuad on Sep 5, 2016

Let’s Build a Home Which Runs on Nature

We are in an age where each of our households consume a large amount of energy to make our living comfortable. We cool our houses in summer and heat it up again in winter. All these happens with the push of a button and we do not even realise what is...
by Nathers Blog on Aug 15, 2016

Perbedaan Dan Contoh Kalimat “Effective vs Efficient” Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Perbedaan Dan Contoh Kalimat “Effective vs Efficient” Dalam Bahasa Inggris     Tak hanya dalam bahasa indonesia, dalam bahasa inggris pun sahabat SBI pasti sering sekali mendengar kata effective dan efficient bukan? kedua kata t...
by SekolahBahasaInggris.Com on Jul 30, 2016

26 Creative And Space-Efficient Attic Ladders

A ladder is a must for any space that has several floors or an attic, and you can make it functional, space-saving and cool. Attic ladders can be small or large, spiral or regular and you can choose almost any material to build one. Wooden Attic Ladd...

Devidayal Solar Solutions at Giftex 2016

Devidayal Solar Solutions makes solar energy an affordable, real option for Indian consumers. Our solar lanterns are designed with India in mind. We offer a rugged yet efficient build and a warranty you can trust. Shreyas Solar Home lighting System &...
by Official Giftex Blog on Jul 1, 2016

10 Modern Micro-Apartments for Living Large in Big Cities

The micro-apartment. It’s real estate’s newest buzzword. At this point, we all know about the revolutionary “tiny house movement”. Now, city dwellers are getting a taste of the tiny lifestyle in some impressive modern apartments. These new de...
by khairuddinuad on Jun 18, 2016

Saving Our World: Beginning from Our Homes

We have been granted a prize and an opportunity, to live on this extraordinary blue world, feeding on its vast resources. For millions of years, our ancestors have co-existed within this habitat without much impact either on its ecology or its enviro...
by Nathers Blog on Jun 15, 2016

Family Home in Toronto Focuses on Energy Efficiency

Located in Toronto, Ontario Canada, The Counterpoint House designed by Paul Raff Studio Architects in 2014 was built to cater to the needs of an active family of four though interconnected living spaces and a nod to the natural outdoor environme...
by khairuddinuad on May 15, 2016

About Quality and Price in Stock Investing

Proponents of Efficient Market Theory (EMT) believe that it is impossible to 'beat the market' because prices of stocks (and other securities) discount all available information at any time due to the efficient dissemination of information in the sto...

Most Fuel Efficient Sports Cars

Most Fuel Efficient Sports CarsPorsche promises greater levels of power while still improving fuel-efficiency and emissions levels Its stablemate, the 911 sports car, has had the Turbo model as its most powerful variant. And lately Porsche has added...
by Sports Cars on Apr 8, 2016

What a before and after Furnace Air Conditioner looks like

This is what a new high efficiency Bryant Furnace and Air Conditioner looks like in Bloomington Minnesota.
by The Furnace Answer Man on Mar 14, 2016

1987 Toyota 4Runner Install a Fuel Filter

The Toyota 4Runner has been an incredibly popular vehicleover its production run. And while the 4Runner is not the most fuel efficient vehicle around, it can return pretty good MPG if it is tuned up regularly and properly maintained. Part of that mai...

How Energy Offerings Differ Around the World

In the developed world, electricity is widely depended on. Remember the Northeast blackout of 2003? Widespread power outages happened in the northeastern US and parts of the Midwest. It even extended into the Canadian province of Ontario. In some are...
by My Green Living Ideas on Feb 13, 2016

Modern Style and Sensibility In a Traditional D.C. Neighborhood

In a city known for Tudors and Victorians, this modern marvel stands out, yet manages to blend in with its established surroundings.The post Modern Style and Sensibility In a Traditional D.C. Neighborhood appeared first on
by khairuddinuad on Feb 6, 2016

Kitchen Railing Storage Ideas – Kitchen Organization

This content was originally taken from the website Click the link to go to the website that created this original content... - DIY Projects / Tips / Tricks / Ideas / Repair Need more storage area in your smal...
by Remove and Replace on Jan 18, 2016

How to Make and Maintain Green Walls and Vertical Gardens

During the winter, when  people spend most of their time indoors, they often complain about frequent headaches and dryness of the skin. Easy way to solve this problem is to make a green wall. Besides the decorative, the purpose of The post How to Ma...
by Home Maintenance Tracker on Jan 17, 2016

Difference between white space and gray space in data centers

Companies are becoming more and more technology oriented and getting dependent on IT for almost all of its operations. This has led to the growth in demand for data center services. As a result, the data center managers are faced with the challenges...
by Web Werks Data Centers on Jan 7, 2016

Fuel Efficient Sports Cars

Fast Fuel Efficient CarsElectric Power Steering (EPS) has become the technology of choice for fuel-efficient vehicles as vehicle manufacturers strive to reduce their CO2 emissions, according to just-auto's research unit, QUBE. QUBE research suggests...
by Sports Cars on Dec 22, 2015

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