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Easter Egg Hunts Around Manchester, NH

A Community Comes Together to Celebrate  Easter in New England is a precious time, with children in new clothes and the robins shaking off the chill of winter. Manchester, NH and its neighboring communities are no exception, with famili...

Find Local Easter Egg Hunts and Activities

I found a free site listing Easter Egg Hunts, Easter Parades, Easter Train Rides and Easter Events sorted by states and cities. Visit Easter Egg Hunts and Events to find fun events in your area! YOU MAY ALSO ENJOY: Easter Egg Hunts for Special Needs...
by More with Less Today on Apr 15, 2014

Fun and Yummy Easter Ideas and Recipes from Nestlé!

Everyone loves Nestlé candy throughout the year, but it is especially popular at Easter because it can be used to plan egg/candy hunts, fill Easter baskets, and serve up delicious Easter recipes! Here are some products and ideas from Nestlé to make...
by Susan Heim on Parenting on Apr 13, 2014

A Muslim protecting Christian doctrine; Unknowingly!

Read here I said it once and I will say it again! Those who devise non bibilically prescribed customs and feasts to the Christian faith are the ones who are “doing the work of the devil” reducing Christianity into a “fairy tale̶...
by The Church of Jesus Christ on Apr 7, 2014

Day 90 – Happy Easter

Today was one of the rare, few days I actually thought ahead and had a plan for my act of kindness….and Easter Act per say. My children have long grown to old for Easter Egg hunts but open any of my craft boxes at home and I guarantee you will...
by The Pledge of Kindness on Apr 4, 2013

Our Lollipop Forest (and other Easter Fun)

Happy Easter! We are enjoying today as a family and I hope you are too! The kids woke up this morning and immediately wanted to see the "Lollipop Forest" in our back yard:) We... Click to read more on my blog!
by Welcome to the Mouse House on Mar 31, 2013

NJ Easter Sunday Egg Hunt After Church @ 10AM 3/31/13

Looking for a free NJ Easter Egg hunt for the kids in a fun and unique place? How about an Easter Egg Hunt at Oasis Church right after  which start at 10AM sharp on 3.31.13. Oasis meets in two locations for Easter Sunday, both at 10AM Sharp! NJ Ea...
by Oasis Church on Feb 22, 2013

NYC Easter Egg Hunt: New York Easter Egg Hunts & Fun For Kids 2012!

  Easter is only a VERY few short days away, but hopefully some of my fellow New Yorkers will get out and enjoy some of these Easter Egg Hunts and fun with the family! There are plenty of FREE NYC Easter egg hunt events this weekend. Some of the...
by MamaNYC on Apr 5, 2012

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