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Food of the day: Uziza and Egusi Catfish soup

Food is ready Come and Join me. Who Says Uziza can only be made with Achi. Anyways ,since the Achi serves as a thickener, I decided to substitute Egusi (grinded melon) for it.In less than 30 minutes... This is just a brief summary, visit my site www...
by Typearls lifestyle on Jul 26, 2016

Toasted Egusi Seeds

Snacks. For trail mix. Eating out of hand. Mixing in cookie dough. Or pie crust maybe? Bread even? I’ve always wanted to snack on Egusi seeds, as a lover of pumpkin seeds. Finally, I decided to try it and the end result is yum. Surprisingly. I...
by Kitchen Butterfly on Feb 13, 2015

Jungle Food Marathon Part 1: From Africa to Peru

9 foodies, 4 "jungle foods" restaurants (+1 drink stop), 7 hours.Back in November (yes, I'm behind ... ) 7 foodbloggers and some of their +1s made a trek from Inglewood down to Westminster to hit "jungle food" restaurants, i.e. cu
by Gourmet Pigs on Jan 24, 2009

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