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Index of CCNP Route

Introduction to CCNP RouteOverview of CCNP Route examHow the exam is organizedEIGRP ConceptsConfiguration of EIGRPEIGRP Name configurationAdvanced EIGRP for IPV4EIGRP StubsEIGRP Load balanceEIGRP multipoint ConfigurationEIGRP Point to point Configura...
by ccnp route on Feb 18, 2016

Configuring Basic EIGRP for IPv4 - LAB

Hello guys ..We will use a lab based exercise  from Cisco Network Academy ..And we will work it out.This is the graphic :We are going to have different values on this graphic to make your life easier:Instead of S0/0/0 we will use S0/0Instead of...
by ccnp route on Dec 3, 2015

EIGRP Point-To-Point Configuration ( Charter 12)

EIGRP Frame Relay  Point-To-point  configurationCharter12This is a Non Broadcast multi-access network .We will set a hub and spoke connectionBut we need to do this exercise in GNS3  ( more realistic than only the tutorial..)We are sett...
by ccnp route on Feb 19, 2015

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