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Elephant Ear Roxburgh's Fig

The Elephant Ear Fig tree is an impressive Fig species and it makes a great indoor plant for large rooms. Roxburgh's fig is native to India, Nepal, China, and Southeast Asia. This is a evergreen to semi-deciduous, spreading, large shrub or sm...
by Medusa's Garden on Jun 23, 2016

A Whatchamacallit Kinda Day in Bise Okinawa (Photos)

Today the better half and I went to the village of Bise in Okinawa, Japan.  She'd never been there before and has been bugging me to take her ever since she saw the first photos I shot, way back when, of the fukigi trees lining the streets in th...
by Mike's Ryukyu Gallery on Jul 21, 2011

Taro Leaf and Patch

Taro Leaf and PatchColocasia esculenta(a-loh-KAY-see-uh)Click Here for a Larger VersionFrom the Waipio Valley on the Big IslandClick Here for a Larger Version...
by Digital Flower on Feb 16, 2010

Elephant Ear

Elephant EarAlocasia cuprea(a-loh-KAY-see-uh) (KUP-ray-uh)Click Here for a Larger Version Pink QuillTillandsia cyanea(til-LAND-see-uh) (sy-AN-ee-uh)Synonyms: Quill-leaf, Air PlantClick Here for a Larger Version...
by Digital Flower on Feb 6, 2010

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