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Storage Dresser Organization with the DYMO Organizer Xpress

You know I love my label maker, I’ve used it to organize countless things in my house and write about them for my blog. I was recently putting away a platter and turned it over to see a label my grandma put on it, probably over 20 years ago. Ev...
by Ask Anna on Oct 7, 2015

Seven Gifts for the Writer and Reader

It’s the season of gift-giving, and I love giving gifts. What can be a little stressful is the pressure of finding something that says “I was thinking of you personally when I picked this out” that’s also really useful. To th...
by Stories & Soliloquies on Dec 2, 2014

Library Book Embosser – Great Gift Idea Reviews

by BaCooler Reference on Nov 14, 2013

Personal Library Book Embosser

Find More Book Embosser Products...
by BaCooler Reference on Apr 8, 2013

Review: Embosser from

You know what an Embosser is right? When you get something notarized they will sometimes use it. An embosser is a stamp tool that when used on paper creates an embossed or uplifted design. Still not sure what I am talking about…see below.That d...
by The Steady Hand on Aug 6, 2012

Personal Library Book Embosser

Personal Library Book Embosser Precision crafted to give crisp impressions on envelopes, stationery, greeting cards, books, photos, foil labelsAvailable with 1-5/8" round die or 1"x2" rectangular die.Personalized with your name or desired text. Idea...
by The World of Book on Oct 12, 2011

Teacher’s awareness about the availability and use of technology for visually impaired : A study

Introduction Advances in technology have significantly influenced in the blind and low vision individuals. Over the past 20th year improvement in computer has allowed for readily access to VI. Today a large percentage of students with VI spend over 8...
by on Mar 12, 2011

California Notary Seal Stamps

Our website is going through lots of exciting changes, one of which is our new selection of Notary Public Seals organized by state.  Take for example the California Notary Public Seal Stamp.  As an authorized vendor to manufacture California Notary...
by Self Inking Stamps on Dec 11, 2008

Extra Long Reach Embosser

Emboss into the center of an 8 and a half inch sheet of paper with an Extra Long Reach Embosser.The Extra Long Reach Embosser embosses up to 2 inch diameter impressions, and has a reach of 4 and a half inches with an adjustable paper guide to ensure...
by Self Inking Stamps on Oct 28, 2008

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