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How to deal with teenage tantrums?

Dealing with teenagers' emotions isn't always easy, especially when you're juggling work pressures too. Teenagers can go from nought to ten out of the blue, sometimes over quite trivial triggers. And they often express those emotions forcefully - not...
by KSRealityBites on Feb 10, 2015

How a recent car accident opened my eyes

CAR CRASHES CHANGE YOUR LIFE   I was reading statistics on car accidents recently that says most drivers will be involved in at least 2 car accidents throughout their lifetime.   At the age of 31 I now fall into this statistic, being involved i...
by CanadianBudgetBinder on Feb 13, 2014

Chris Brown’s Rep Blames Seizure On “Fatigue & Emotional Stress”

Chris Brown did indeed have a seizure while in a recording studio on August 9th his rep told Us Magazine.“While in the studio working early this morning, Chris suffered a nonepileptic seizure (NES),” his rep told Us in a statement. “...
by Beautelicious on Aug 10, 2013

Stress And High Blood Pressure

Stress can make blood pressure go up for a while, and it has been thought to contribute to high blood pressure. But the long-term effects of stress are as yet Continue Reading →...
by Give Me Cash on Jun 2, 2013

.FEC March ’13-WEEK 1

This Friday closes another week of work and I couldn’t help but wonder why is it that we often find the need to “treat” ourselves to something that is entirely  unrelated to the… Read More →...
by La Rue Jacob on Mar 8, 2013

Causes Of Stress In Cats

Cats can quickly become stressed whenever even the slightest change occurs within their environment. They tend to be creatures of habit and are at their most highest level of comfort with a daily routine. So it’s not surprising that when that r...

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