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4 Reasons the Mobile Newsfeed Is the Future of Employee Communications

In the world of employee communications things are drastically changing. Many brands are making the move to a mobile-first, newsfeed-like approach. While many companies are still operating on “1998 internet principles,” Arik Hanson believe this i...
by CAI University on Dec 16, 2016

Critical PR Lessons from Alligator Tweet by Disney Intern

Disney’s firing and subsequent rehiring of an intern over a single tweet about alligators showcases how social media has changed public relations. PR can learn several important lessons from the story. Disney intern Shannon Sullivan tweeted a photo...
by CyberAlert on Jul 22, 2016

How Employee Storytelling Can Humanize Content Marketing & PR

Compelling brand storytelling requires a sympathetic protagonist as a central element. A customer, fictional or real, often fills that role. Employees too offer a goldmine of storytelling that can humanize the brand. Employees have plenty of stories.
by CyberAlert on Jun 16, 2016

Elements of an Employee Social Media Policy

  Employee social media posting remains a perplexing issue for many organizations. Some fear their employees may post ill-advised, embarrassing, or confidential information. Some encourage employees to mention their company and strive to transfo...
by CyberAlert on Apr 20, 2015

How to Turn Employees into Social Media Advocates

While many companies fear employee use of social media, others are leaning to love it. Employees can be powerful brand ambassadors for their companies online. They can help spread company news and recommend company products to friends and family memb...
by CyberAlert on Mar 16, 2015

Better Engagement Can Turn Employees into Company Ambassadors

  An organization’s employees can be its best advocates. When employees recommend a company’s products and services to friends and family, they’ll probably be a trusted source when giving recommendations. Employees can also be convincing a...
by CyberAlert on Mar 13, 2015

Memory ‘v’ Experience – What’s more important?

Should we be thinking about our audience’s memory of communications and engagement activities rather than their initial experience? There is a really interesting TED Talk video about the difference between our experiencing selves and our rememb...
by Wealie's World on Mar 12, 2014

Yahoo! CEO: Right Decision, Wrong Communication

Bringing telecommuters back into the office has never created such an uproar! Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer’s cuts to telecommuting, sparked catcalls from women’s groups, questions from academics, anonymous complaints from Yahoo employees and p...
by The PR Coach - This Just In on Feb 28, 2013

Draftfcb Cape Town Highlights Engen’s Positive Impact On Our World

Engen’s Chemicals and Special Products division has highlighted the positive impact it has on our world in a simple yet extremely elegant activation that broke early in October this year. A relative unknown compared to the company’s petroleum bra...
by MarkLives on Oct 26, 2012

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