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Emu Surprise

Noch kein Bild vorhandenZutaten für 4 Personen:600 g Fleisch vom Emu400 ml Pilzcremesuppe100 ml Wasser1 Päckchenzwiebelsuppe (von Maggi)1 Glas abgeschüttete Perlzwiebeln100 g frische Champignonscheiben100 ml trockener Sherryschwarzer Pfeffer aus d...
by Gastro-Blog on Sep 25, 2015

A Two Tick Outback Trip

Sometimes you just have to close the door get in the car and drive nine hundred km’s for a break! If you want to really get away from it all in Australia then this is the minimum distance required to leave all the city slickers behind. At first...
by Wild Eye View on Aug 23, 2015

Emu Super Scoopers

They say, find a waterhole and Africa comes to you. Well, it seems this old adage applies equally well in Australia! While driving round the Bowra Conservancy near Cunnamulla over Easter we came across a waterhole with great photography potential and...
by Wild Eye View on Apr 10, 2015

FREE: Almost 2,400 DOS Games – Play in PC Browsers

This site has emulators to play many old DOS games from the 1980’s and newer.  The collection includes action, strategy, adventure and other unique genres of game and entertainment software. Through the use of the EM-DOSBOX in-browser emulator...

Another Emu Eye

An Australian Emu giving me the eye. Comparing the birds living in the outback with those in sanctuaries in the city it’s clear how hard life in the outback of Australia really is.
by Wild Eye View on May 10, 2014

Big Birds in the Land of Big Sky

One of the most striking things about Australia is the contrast between it’s blue sky, olive green plants and deep orange-red soil. But most of all it’s a land of big sky. Big sky made all the more bigger and colorful by the absolute lack...
by Wild Eye View on May 9, 2014

Strange visitors and winter weather

Nothing even remotely needlework related to share with you today, but I just had to share a picture of what we found wondering our neighborhood this morning. Take a look at this... This was taken at about 9:30 this morning and we were just starting...
by Hooked On Needles on Jan 18, 2014

An Eyeful of Emu

An eyeful of Emu, photographed at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, Gold Coast, Australia...
by Wild Eye View on Dec 1, 2013

Playstation1 Emulators

  Last time we talked about the comparison between PC games and consoles, but did you know that there are ways one can play these console games on your PC?  Today we will talk about the different emulators for PS1 (next time it’s PS2).  I will p...
by Beer andJoysticks on Jul 27, 2013

Emu Australia

  "The southward movement of tens of thousands of emus in certain seasons is one of Australia's greatest examples of wildlife migrationThe Emus’ migration routes are also influenced by climate. As they can find more food in humid regions...
by Outback Cooking on Jun 13, 2013

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