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England Tourist Map pictures

England Tourist Map picturesThe maps for tourist guide on England. Details map for your travel on England Country.
by Map of England Cities on Jan 3, 2013

Big Ben

Big Ben is the name of a very famous clock tower, because it became one of the world’s largest clock, even Big Ben holds the record for the largest four-sided clock tower with a bell in the world. This clock is located in the Houses of Parliame...
by Worlds Tourism on Aug 2, 2012

River Thames – The Heart of London

River Thames is a river that flows in the city of London, England. 356 kilometers along the river has a broad reach waters of 12.935 km ² and empties into the North Sea. River Thames is very important for the city of London, for London and the Thame...
by Worlds Tourism on Jul 31, 2012

ZSL London Zoo

  ZSL London Zoo is a zoo located in London, England, specifically in the northeast corner of Regent Park. This zoo is the oldest zoo in the world, which opened on April 27, 1828, the first function to collect the object and the results of scien...
by Worlds Tourism on Jul 31, 2012

St. Paul’s Cathedral

St. Paul’s Cathedral is a cathedral church in the center of London, England. The Cathedral was built in 604 AD, and dedicated to Paul of Tarsus. This cathedral is the mother church of the diocese of London. And the new structure of the church w...
by Worlds Tourism on Jul 29, 2012

Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle is a famous castle in Berkshire, England. The castle is claimed is the oldest and largest castle in the world, created by William the Conquerer to the residence of the King of Windsor at the time. Windsor Castle was founded in medieval...
by Worlds Tourism on Jul 29, 2012

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge is a bridge over the River Thames, London, England, and is a landmark or an icon of London’s most recognizable cities in the world. Therefore, many tourists are in the UK, especially if located in the City of London, will not forge...
by Worlds Tourism on Jul 29, 2012

Tower of London

Tower of London is a famous historical monuments and located on the north bank of the river Thames central London, precisely located within the London Borough of Tower Hamlets and is separate from the east end of London by the open space known as Tow...
by Worlds Tourism on Jul 28, 2012

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