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Top 10 Bird Dog Blogs!!!

I can see, smell, and feel fall is on the horizon. Lately, in the evenings, I have been inclined to pull out a light jacket.  The light jacket is always the first sign of fall’s inevitable, but much anticipated, arrival. The leaves are just...
by A 12 Gauge Girl on Aug 25, 2016

Whan are the habits of English Setters?

Question by brianna♥: Does anybody know anything about English Setters? About their habits…etc. First answers: Answer by paintedrain2Here you go, this website provides a lot of information any potential owner should know about the breed: http...
by Russian Dog on Feb 16, 2014

English Setter Puppy Pictures

English Setter Puppy Pictures - perhaps one of the oldest gundog breeds, the english setter was developed in england a little more than four hundred years ago. believed to firmly have developed from spaniel stock, the breed was originally referred to...
by Mr. Puppy Pictures on Aug 29, 2012

The Ideal Hunting Dog For The Hunter

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by Yorkie Housetraining on Aug 20, 2012

English Setter Puppy Pictures

English Setter Puppy PicturesEven afore the appearance of the shotgun, if birds were generally bent with a net, dogs were accomplished to bend if they acicular game. These "setters" were the antecedents of today's setters. The English setter is the o...
by Sporting Dog Puppy Pictures on Jun 4, 2012

English Setter Dog Pictures

English Setter Dog PicturesThe English setter is an affected and able-bodied hunting dog with the adeptness to run endlessly at a acceptable pace. Its amble is ground-covering and effortless, with the arch captivated proudly and a alive tail. The cov...

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