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Demi Lovato Is Still ‘Enjoying Being Single’ After Having a ‘Great Time’ with Odell Beckham Jr. on Dinner Date

By Melody Chiu @chiumelo 07/25/2016 AT 08:00 PM EDT Demi Lovato is single and ready to mingle. After the star was spotted on a dinner date at Hunt & Fish Club in New York City on July 19 with Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr., the duo have b...
by Celebrity gossip news on Jul 25, 2016

The secret of enjoying a good wine

The post The secret of enjoying a good wine appeared first on Funny Dirty Adult Jokes, Pictures Memes, Cartoons, Ecards, Fails | Jokideo humor blog.


There’s no getting around it. This time of year is fraught with pressure and a lot of it we create ourselves because we want everything perfect. Instead of our home being the haven it should be, it often ends up […] The post 8 WAYS FOR KE...
by Nancy Meadows Designs on Dec 18, 2015

Beautiful sunny portrait of a girl

by 54ka Photo Blog on Oct 29, 2015

clarity of mind

I read somewhere recently that linear time is a practical construct we invented because our minds cannot deal with the actuality of it all happening at the same time. Well, when I have too many things on my plate it … Continue reading →...
by Holistic Living on Oct 15, 2015

minding others

It irks me when someone walks directly ahead of me into a store or a building and lets the door slam right into my face. It annoys me when someone persistently, – and fairly slowly, mind you, – hunkers down … Continue reading →...
by Holistic Living on Aug 18, 2015

Hot tub relaxing

Everyone has their own way to relax. I happened to adopt the hot tub as my relaxation tool. The further I get into the 365 day mind and body clean up project, the more the hot tub comes into play. We purchased the hot tub a few months ago after years...
by Fitfortygirl on Aug 7, 2015

August energy

After August 1 the energy seems to change for those of us who live in the northeast. August signals the beginning of the waning of summer, even though it is often warm long into the fall. Summer is overripe, as … Continue reading →...
by Holistic Living on Aug 7, 2015

more time for lunch

“Madame,” the waiter in the small town of Amboise in France said to me with a serious face, “I cannot serve you if you don’t have enough time for lunch.” My daughter and I were on a breath taking whirlwind … Contin...
by Holistic Living on Jul 21, 2015

the lightness of summer

Summer has something carefree about it, something lighthearted.   The kids are home from school and college, schedules tend to be looser, cities empty out as people go away, outdoor cafés and restaurants are filled as we yearn for meals under R...
by Holistic Living on Jul 7, 2015

Cool Kids’ Style: Sun Protective Fashion For The Heatwave With Melijoe

I actually blogged this post on what the experts stated was the hottest day in July since records began! The post Cool Kids’ Style: Sun Protective Fashion For The Heatwave With Melijoe appeared first on Mummys Got Style.
by Mummy's Got Style on Jul 3, 2015

awesome details

  The advice not to lose the forest for the trees general a good one because the big picture frames our perspective and reminds us not to get lost in minutiae. This is especially practical advice when trying to get … Continue reading →...
by Holistic Living on Jun 19, 2015

10 Awesome Things At 60 I Never Had At 30

A week ago I turned 60. And while the number sounds much older than I feel, I am also extremely aware of how great my life is at the same time. In fact, thinking back I am hyperaware of how … Continue reading → You're reading 10 Awesome...
by SMART Living 365 on May 29, 2015

playing in heart land

When I play, which I don’t do often enough (although I consider some of my cooking time play time), I am truly in the moment. Young children play all the time. That’s what they do. It’s their job. They learn … Continue reading...
by Holistic Living on May 8, 2015

effortless perfection

On this sunny morning I heard a bird chirping away in a nearby tree while I was getting ready – how beautiful after a long winter of silence. I find that there is nothing more pure and clear than the … Continue reading →...
by Holistic Living on Apr 28, 2015

deeply experiencing

After a long winter indoors it feels so good to be outside, open your arms wide in exuberance, and breathe in the fresh moist spring air in big gulps. Ahhhhhh……… Smelling the air is a thrilling experience, just like digging …...
by Holistic Living on Apr 23, 2015

playing with stuff

A vignette is a small still life of things in your home or office, a grouping of a few pretty items pulled together around a common theme. Why order your clutter and put it on display? A vignette not only … Continue reading →...
by Holistic Living on Apr 17, 2015

make it special

Splurging is only splurging, and treating myself is only a treat if I don’t do it all the time. Otherwise it’s excess, or habit, or addiction. When you treat yourself for every little excuse, whether it’s with shopping or eating ...
by Holistic Living on Apr 14, 2015

comforting rituals

Ritual is something that’s “always done in a particular situation and in the same way each time,” according to Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary. Rituals that come to mind are daily rituals (getting up, taking a shower, goin...
by Holistic Living on Apr 3, 2015

Foods: A few nifty gadgets I have been enjoying

Foods: A few nifty gadgets I have been enjoying is a post from: Food Recipes Foods: A few nifty gadgets I have been enjoying is a post from: Food Recipes This A integrate of nifty gadgets we have been enjoying full of health food and full of health r...
by Food Healthy Recipe on Apr 2, 2015

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