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Inilah Resep dan Cara Memasak Jamur Enoki Tumis Putren Spesial Rumahan

Resep dan Cara Memasak Jamur Enoki Tumis Putren Spesial - Cara memasak jamur Enoki tumis putren spesial rumahan sebenarnya cukup mudah. Yang terpenting adalah bagaimana Anda mendapatkan jamur Enoki dalam kondisi segar agar bisa menghasilkan citarasa...

Kimchi Nabe キムチ鍋

Warm up with this spicy and flavorful Japanese Kimchi Nabe made with anchovy broth, kimchi, pork belly, and vegetables. The post Kimchi Nabe キムチ鍋 appeared first on Just One Cookbook.
by Just One Cookbook on Feb 13, 2016


Adalah olahan jamur enoki goreng, yang dibalut dengan terigu sebagai lapisan pembungkusnya, dengan bertabur seasoning balado. Bahan dan cara membuatnya ada pada resep berikut. BAHAN: • 200 gram jamur enoki, bersihkan dengan lap • Minyak goreng AD...
by Hobi Masak on Jul 4, 2015

Recipe: Zero Fat Red Pepper and Spinach Soup - 10 minutes!

by Simon Fernandez of ferdiesfoodlabI was after making myself something light for my lunch the other day - as in zero fat!That’s a tricky business if you want something to taste even half decent. I think this one met the brief! Even better, it take...


1. ANG CIU (Arak Beras) Adalah sejenis minuman beralkohol yang biasa disebut dengan arak merah. Bumbu ini biasa dipakai dalam masakan China dan Korea. Ang Ciu banyak dijual di pasar tradisional pecinan dan supermarket. Bagi yang berpendapat haram te...
by Hobi Masak on Oct 30, 2014


BAHAN: • 3 piring nasi putih dingin • 1 mangkuk kecil kimchi yang sudah dipotong tipis • 50 gram jamur enoki (jamur panjang, kecil, dan putih seperti kecambah/tauge), pisahkan dari akarnya • 100 gram daging asap, potong tipis • 1 siung bawa...
by Hobi Masak on Oct 16, 2014

Food and Drink Week: Dan’s Tokyo curry

This type of curry is comfort food to the Japanese the way macaroni and cheese is to Americans… I love to cook, and I am told I’m pretty good at it. The one thing I cook for people most often … Continue reading →...
by Scholars & Rogues on Apr 27, 2014

enoki mushrooms, asparagus and parsnip

Mushrooms week, recipe n.4: enoki mushrooms, raw asparagus, raw parsnip, purple sprouting broccoli, basil, hazelnuts. Dressing: extra virgin olive oil, cider vinegar, salt and pepper.
by SaladPride on Apr 18, 2014

Resep Cara Membuat Es Campur Ala Doger

Resep Cara Membuat Es Campur Ala Doger – Berita terbaru mengenai seputar Info Kuliner untuk anda. Pastinya untuk menyajikan sebuah minuman yang lezat dibutuhkan ketrampilan untuk mengolah bahan makanan dan menambah referensi akan resep resep &#...
by ResepOnline.Info on Oct 3, 2013

Resep Cara Membuat Kwetiau Goreng Enak Praktis Lezat

Resep Cara Membuat Kwetiau Goreng Enak Praktis Lezat – Masakan adalah seperti karya seni karena ada tingkat kesulitan dalan cara membuatnya. Pada kesempatan yang baik kali ini ResepOnline.Info ingin menyampaikan Info Resep Masakan Indonesia unt...
by ResepOnline.Info on Sep 14, 2013

Recipe - Classic: Steak / Beef and Onion Pie (or Oxtail & Prune Pie w/ Red Cabbage)

by Simon Fernandez of ferdiesfoodlab OK I'm going to have a rant for a moment. Something I've often been presented with when ordering a pie is some kind of china bowl or ramekin with a bit of pastry almost hovering on top, as if they had been combine...

Japanese Beef Rolls

Recipe: Japanese Beef Rolls Ingredients 8 thin slices of Beef (sirloin) 8 stalks of Asparagus, trimmed 3 stalks of Scallions, halved 100g Enoki Mushrooms, trimmed 3 Tbsp Japanese Soy Sauce 3 Tbsp Mirin 1 Tbsp Cooking Oil Toothpicks or small skewers I...
by What2Cook on Apr 20, 2013

Wrong Ramen – Burgos Circle, The Fort

I heard about Wrong Ramen months ago from Dwight (of when it was still in its planning stages and now it’s up and running. I’m glad that there are people in the country toying with different concepts for restaurants and the fac...
by Now We Are Hungry on Feb 17, 2013

Recipe: Oxtail & Sweet Potato Mash w/ Red Cabbage & Beetroot in a Port Reduction

by Simon Fernandez of ferdiesfoodlabOxtail w/ Bread and Butter Crisps, Sweet Potato Mash & Port Jus When the weather is starting to get cold as well as raining all the time, it's nice to have something warming to feed you guests. Using a few ingr...

Asian Enoki Delight #SkilletSauces #Recipes in under 30 minutes

Those Campbell's Skillet Sauces look delicious already, don't they? Oh trust me, they were. I could almost smell the flavors as I checked out each variety. Campbell’s Skillet Sauces are available in 6 different flavors: Creamy Chipotle with...
by Whirlwind of Surprises on Nov 16, 2012

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