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Supervenient Downward Causation

"Whatever the supervenience relation might be, the way it is used in nonreductive physicalism is surely not as a causal relation, because that would immediately convert nonreductive physicalism into old-fashioned epiphenomenalism." -Paul Humphreys I.
by Free Won't on Jul 24, 2010

Illusions of Immortality

A 1997 article written by author Keith Augustine entitled “The Case Against Immortality” sets out to define the problem as thus: “Is there life after death? This question has been asked since the dawn of civilization. It is arguably the most im...
by Sentient Synergy on Apr 6, 2010

Philosophy in a Nutshell – The Mind, the Body and Reality

An issue which is both highly personal and quite universal is the problem of the nature of man or the mind-body problem. Is man different from animals, plants and machines? Will robots or computers ever be identical to man? Those who hold the view th...

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