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An Adorable Photo Of Etta James And A Puppy Circa 1967

choir member Etta James has passed away at the life-span of 73, succumbing to complications of Leukemia at a sickbay in Southern California this morning. The announcement is obviously sad, but in an endeavour to brighten the mood, here is a extraordi...

Rest In Peace Ms Etta, because You Are With The Best Now

Queen of The Blues Ms. Etta James Slipped Away from us today Ms. James said she wanted her music to transcend unhappiness rather than reflect it. “A lot of people think the blues is depressing,” she told The Los Angeles Times in 1992, “but that...
by BadGalsRadio on Jan 21, 2012

Etta James (1938-2012) You Will Be Missed

Etta James, perhaps best known as the voice behind the song “At Last“, passed yesterday morning in Riverside, California. Her powerful, versatile and emotionally direct voice could enliven the raunchiest blues as well as the subtlest love...
by Political Ole Lady on Jan 21, 2012

Etta James Images

Etta Wayne, shaped James Etta Hawkins, is an extremely effective performer created and inseminated in the spiritual. She anchored out superb gospel music every because age 5 until she turn into a member of a team leaving up by Ashton Otis. One of her...
by Your Stuff Work on Dec 24, 2011

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