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sooo basically since ive gotten my professional Canon Rebel T2i ive been on tumblr. because basically its just less work than making posts here and because i just absolutely love a really good shott. ive basically been working on my tumblr soo much..
by Luhy on Aug 26, 2011

Im a Pretty Butterfly! HEAR ME RAWR!

TRUCKS, DUCKS, COOKIES, AND MUCK!!!!!!!!!! Muck is yummy! YUMMILICIOUS!!!! I just fell off my chair and walked really slowly like a doggy to my fan… AWKWARD!!!!! OOOOOO PRETTY LIGHT BULB!!!!!! *touches light bulb* OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MEANIE LIGH...
by Luhy on Jul 26, 2009

Be Here, Be There, Be EVERYWHERE!

WAHOOOGA!!!!!!!! HAPPY WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN RATS AND MICE!!!! Wait I know now! Rats live in yuckie places like under your bed with all the cobwebs….. AND MICE ARE THE CUTE ONES!!!!!!! Rats are icky…..
by Luhy on Jul 22, 2009


HOLA!!!!!!!!! *rubs stomach* RUB MY TUMMY FOR GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!! Hehe xD MOPS ARE AWESOME!!!!! They are like spongy wooly things! LIKE AWESOME!!!!!!!!! They get to clean in those hard to reach places!!!!!!! Shopping bags… You can do many things...
by Luhy on Jul 20, 2009


Hi Guys! Are you ready to LAUGH YOUR BUTT OFF!!!!!!!!! Hehe… I think ive used this statement before… LETS CHANGE IT TO…. LAUGH YOUR EYEBROWS OFF! Ya thats better! WELL GET READY TO BECAUSE HERE WE GO!   I CHOOSE YOU!!
by Luhy on Jul 19, 2009


Heyy! Don’t you just hate when you get that gunk in between your toes? It feels soooo gross! Its like unwanted groshish stuff… I thin kthey have a medicine/treatment for it! WHAT DO THEY NOT HAVE A TREATMENT FOR?!?!? Some advertisements o...
by Luhy on Jul 18, 2009


HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TOMORROW I’M GOING AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I will be posting in the hotel) CD’S ARE AWESOME! THERE ALL RADIALISH!!!!!!!!! Like circularishish… It rea...
by Luhy on Jul 17, 2009

Wheezel! Wheezel! Im a Whistle!

HAPPY WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!!! WAHOOOGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats an onomatopoeia!!!!!! I IZ VERY SMART!!!!!!!! Who likes muffins???? I LOVE MUFFINS!!!! MUFFINS ARE YUMMY!!!!!!!!!! Chocolate Pudding is also yummy! You know whats gross, WHEN PEOPLE DONT CUT TH...
by Luhy on Jul 15, 2009


Heyyy Guys! Happy Tuesday! Today are you ready to LAUGH YOUR HEAD OFF! Well Enjoy   I CHOOSE YOU!!!! Chloe CHECK OUT THIS BLOG! (MY NEW AWESOME SIGNATURE MADE BY PATRICK!)   P.S. RATE OUR POSTS!!!!!!!!!!! You can rate by clicki...
by Luhy on Jul 14, 2009


HAPPY SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hairy people are scary….. AHHHH!!! BIGFOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RUN!!!!!!! Like really who would like be able to live all hairy and gross like that?!?!? Bigfoot has big feet! I know im sooo smart!!!!! I h...
by Luhy on Jul 12, 2009

!tsoP a si sihT ?tahw what? This is a Post!

HAPPY SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some old people are really smelly….. WHATS WITH REALLY SMELLY OLD PEOPLE!!!!!!!!! Like little kids don’t smell like anything… unless they have either made an animal best friend or just went through...
by Luhy on Jul 11, 2009


Hey Guys! I’ve successfully came up with a way to make your own laptop!!!!! Ya I know I’m amazing! So here’s the steps: What You Will Need BUY: 4 Rechargeable Batteries 2 Mini Speakers (Able to be built in to sides of computer) 1 Th...
by Luhy on Jul 9, 2009

What The Heck?!??!?

Did you ever notice how funny some animals can be, based on either appearence or reactions….. I CANNOT STAY SERIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! did you notice that whatever you search on google, it comes up?????? I DID THAT WITH THE MOST WEIRD THINGS! I found...
by Luhy on Jul 8, 2009

DO THE WACK! Wacky, Wacky Day!

Today I’m feeling wacky, yes, very very wacky! I had chocolate ice cream and shrimp for breakfast! I feel like upside down day! WEEEEE!!!!!! I’m upside down!!!! I can do a flip! Watch! Oh you missed it….. I’m awesome, and I...
by Luhy on Jul 6, 2009


One time or another, we purposely use the phrase, WHAT WAS THAT??? WHAT DID YOU SAY??? I CANT HEAR YOU! Some people use it even more than others, its a huge sign that humans can be lazy. But what ever, it gets you out of things you don’t wanna...
by Luhy on Jul 5, 2009

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY 2009!!!!! :)

HEY MY PEEPS!!!!!!!!! ITS THE 4th OF JULY! You know what that means, EXPLOSIONS!!!!!!!! BABOOM! To have some fun with fireworks, go to the Interactive Fireworks Show (Click That) that we made JUST FOR YOU! Enjoy! Sorry for all the advertisementsR...
by Luhy on Jul 4, 2009


yo yo yo!!!!!!!! WHATS UP HOME SKILLY BISKITS!!!!!!!!!!!! TODAY’S FRIDAY!!!!!!! and the only thing on the menu for today is A GREAT BIG HYSTERICAL LAUGH! OH YA! Now get ready for the laughs to come because here we go!!!!!!!! HOPEFULLY...
by Luhy on Jul 3, 2009

25 Ways To Annoy Somebody!

Wow! Some people get annoyed by the littlest things! Well here’s my Top 25 Ways To Annoy Somebody!  Sing the Batman theme over and over Name your dog “Dog” Make beeping noises when a huge person backs up Practice robot sounds Go...
by Luhy on Jul 2, 2009

Funny Signs & Funny Fails!

Well since you guys liked my funny signs, and funny fails posts, ive decided to make another! So heres a few! and heres some fails! hehe Thats all for now Posted in Comedy, Cool Pics, Extra, Extra Extra Stuffs, Fail Pictures, Fun...
by Luhy on Jul 1, 2009

R.I.P. Michael Jackson, R.I.P Farrah Fawcett

Yesterday, was a very sad day for all Americans………………… We lost the King of Pop, and one of the Charlies Angels….. Its very depressing, because 2 amazing people had died in one day! I send my prayers to...
by Luhy on Jun 26, 2009

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