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Women Face Tattoos

This is an example of women face tattoos…...
by Tattoos and Tattoo on Aug 23, 2013

Game Face Tattoo's

GameFace Company on Shark TankTemporary Face Tattoo's - Season 4 - Episode 412 - 1/4/2112 When you go into the Shark Tank you best have your Game Face on. That's exactly Doug Marshal, owner of the Game Face Company intends to do. The Ga...
by Shark Tank Success on Jan 2, 2013

This looks like it hurted. lol.. when this was done

by 5 News Live on Oct 22, 2012

Face tattoos

  The information might problems Dirk Nowitzki(notes) a bit, or at least provide him some stop, but from where I’m seated, this is a very intelligent manuever, Derek Dilday. Now, if you’re ever trapped somewhere absolutely undressed...
by Loves Tattoos on Sep 9, 2012

World's craziest face tattoos

What on earth would posses someone to have their face permanently inked like this?  There has to be some deep rooted psychological issues there for someone to go to these extremes...  Here are 9 of the craziest facial tattoos in t...
by Gorgeous Magazine on Apr 13, 2012

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