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The race cars have returned! They'll be racing on North Island NAS all weekend, it's called Speedfest. They met at Orange and Isabella for a car show

Driven from the pits of the track on NAS Miramar, and over to Orange and Isabella near the Hotel Del Coronado... in the usual location of the Coronado car show that happens each spring in March or April Two Lagondas were there... way cool! Above a...
by claim insurance on Jun 2, 2011

1965 Ford Mustang Fastback GT K-Code HIPO, Factory Race Car

1965 Ford Mustang Fastback GT K-Code HIPO, Factory Race Car Car Video in made by ordinary people like us. And some are made by professionals. We hope the car videos provides great benefits to you...
by Cardrenaline on Apr 5, 2011

when your rear wheel parts company with your race car and passes you in the turn, it must be Monday

Photo from I think, it might have been ... I can't recall.Funniest photo I've seen all day. While I'm on the topic; overheard at the car show today " this girl asked if she could get in my Miner...
by Muscle Machine on Oct 17, 2010

New photo of Smokey Yunick's Boss 302, not many photos of this on the internet!

For the previous post that had the information about this rare car: from that amazing treasure trove of rare photos of the coolest race cars:
by Muscle Machine on Oct 16, 2010

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