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Criminalizing mental health problems

Police officers sometimes must use extreme force to protect the population (us!) and themselves from harm. I get that. I am fretful, however, about their use of force in situations with people who have EBD. As loyal readers know, I have remarked repe...
by EBD Blog on Aug 27, 2015

Free Money for Living Expenses

It seems that getting a proper job has become an increasingly difficult task these days. Each year, people have to cope with the price of goods that’s getting higher and higher. Even basic needs are now expensive. Each month, there are various...
by Start Grants on Aug 25, 2015

Easy Breakfast Ideas for the Busy Homeschool Mom

Even if you homeschool, morning routines can still be hectic and busy. Here are a few easy breakfast ideas that don’t consist of a quick bowl of cereal.
by Hunter Happenings on Aug 20, 2015

Dog Breeds For Families

Gallery of dog breeds for families:Best Big Dog Breeds for FamiliesResolution image size: 500 x 375 · 190 kB · jpegStandard PoodleResolution image size: 1280 x 960 · 148 kB · jpegGrooming Havanese DogsResolution image size: 399 x 600 · 29 kB ·...
by Dog Training Home | Dog Types on Aug 20, 2015

Financial Help for Stroke Victims

Stroke attack degree varies between people. Some are lucky enough to get mild stroke, which only requires a few days of treatment in the hospital while some other aren’t so lucky and they have to face a worse case of scenario. People experiencing w...
by Start Grants on Aug 14, 2015

Best Dog Breed For Families

Gallery of best dog breed for families: Best Dog Breed For Families - Puppy Beagle Dog Resolution image size: 800 x 572 · 106 kB · jpeg Dogs Best Breeds for Families with Kids Resolution image size: 500 x 375 · 111 kB · jpeg...
by Dog Training Home | Dog Types on Aug 12, 2015

Plan My Baby – Prince or Princess Discount

The Plan My Baby: Prince or Princess is a unique program which would show you the baby's gender selection methods which could be done through the simple, natural, risk-free and obviously real way. {Continue Reading...}...
by Discount Sphere on Aug 7, 2015

Open Grilled Halloumi Sandwich With Balsamic Reduction

What did the cheese say to itself in the mirror? Halloumi Read more...
by Honest Mum on Aug 3, 2015

Georgia students with EBD unnecessarily segregated and denied equal services

On 15 July 2015, The Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice declared that the U.S. state of Georgia had been illegally segregating students with behavior disorders from their peers and failing to provide them with appropriate educati...
by EBD Blog on Jul 31, 2015


The days are long and equally as hot here in the High Desert. My kids are kept inside most days because of the beating sun. As a blended family, there’s always an adjustment period when all five of our kids are home at the same time. Thankfully...
by Our Holly Days on Jul 27, 2015

Why It’s Your Right to be Ambitious (at Work and in the Home)

Digital Mums currently have an empowering #workthatworks campaign in full swing supporting and empowering women with social media marketing training have been tweeting with me recently on the importance of finding work that works. They recently br...
by Honest Mum on Jul 26, 2015

Active Family Adventure – Win a Family Trip to Go Ape

How active is your family?  Outdoor clothing brand Berghaus recently conducted a survey of UK parents to find out how often the whole family get together to do exercise-based activities such as a bike ride, a trip ice skating or just enjoying a...
by You Baby Me Mummy on Jul 16, 2015

Vampire Campfire at The Second City, Toronto

A vegetarian chupacabra, a witch who can't 'spell', a werewolf who doesn't know when to transform... These are just a few of the hilarious characters entertaining children this summer on the stage of The Second City, Toronto. Vampire...
by Toronto Teacher Mom on Jul 15, 2015

A Weekend in Muker in the Yorkshire Dales

It was my Dad, George's birthday on Friday so I wanted to arrange something a little bit special for the big man this weekend, and Gorgeous Cottages were just the company to call. Read more...
by Honest Mum on Jul 15, 2015

Grants For Homeschooling

Why do you need grants for homeschool programs? Isn’t homeschooling is free? You may have heard about people saying that homeschooling is free of charge. That’s actually a misleading myth. There are still some expenses you have to prepare...
by Start Grants on Jul 12, 2015

15 Great Local Weekend Events for Families

An original article from Jersey Family Fun The best of the Local Weekend Events for families, most are free or inexpensive events for families to enjoy. Some Philadelphia events are included as well. The post 15 Great Local Weekend Events for Familie...
by Jersey Family Fun on Jul 10, 2015

4 Home Necessities for Large Families

  When you are raising a large family, you experience many challenges. There’s the expense of feeding and caring for all these people, there’s the space challenges you may have in your home, and sometimes there’s the sibling rivalry too.
by Larger Family Life on Jul 9, 2015

Are Family Parking Spaces Necessary?

I'm sure many of you have seen signs like these in some parking lots:image sourceSome of you can't wait to use them, others ignore them, and some, like me, just plain hate these things.Why do people with children these days feel as if they are so pri...
by Before and After Baby on Jun 26, 2015


by Architectural Design on Jun 23, 2015

Government Programs to Help With Home Repairs

Having a house is a big responsibility and it can really add up to your unexpected expenses risk. Sometimes you have to repair your home because of something broken, but unfortunately there’s not enough money to spare to do so. That’s whe...
by Start Grants on Jun 23, 2015

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