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The Top 5 Architects That Changed the Face of Our World

The buildings we see around us have changed enormously in the past 100 years, rising tall into the skies and creating illusions of size and materials. New buildings are being designed every day for the changing world that we live in. From eco homes t...
by Demaine Architects Blog on Feb 20, 2015

What Famous Architect Would You Want To Meet?

The results are in! We asked our Facebook Fans and our Twitter Followers what famous architect or designer they would want to meet, past or present and here is the list of the architects that we received. It is really impossible to sum up any one of...

Hasselby Castle Stockholm

Hässelby Castle is an entail from Sweden’s era of great power and though it’s a small castle it has a big place in my heart. I grew up only a couple of hundreds meters from the castle and it bring back so many fond memories of my chi...
by Lifecruiser Travel Blog on Jun 27, 2009

Breaking Ground: Adventures in Life and Architecture By Daniel Libeskind, Sarah Crichton

"The renowned architect introduces his iconoclastic approach to public space and shares his vision for the most important architectural project of our time, the 1776 Freedom Tower at the World Trade Center site. Drawing on his uncommon background and
by Architecture Overload on Feb 23, 2009

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