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Smart Solution For Your Summer

When summer comes the much needed is cooling down. Can be AC or fan, but usually they are not stylish to the interior. Well, below is a smart solution for you, check it out. Winds S designed by...

Find out what really started the brawl between Mario and Luigi in this fun fan film! [video]

Fans of Mario and Luigi may be curious as to why the tension between the two brothers grew to the point where they would enter the Smash Bros. tournament and fight against each other. Well it seems that the story goes all the way back...
by Realm Beyond Sight on Jul 8, 2013

Perspectives From A Grower And The Origin Of The Term 420

I managed to get an interview with a local Colorado grower to get his perspective on growing marijuana in the Rockies, and decided to share it with you all. So without further ado, let me share my... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my websi...

Batman characters get redesigned in some fantastic fan art!

Check out these fun character redesigns for the characters of the Batman franchise drawn up by artist Huy Hoang Ha. "This is what I always think people would dress up like when I choose to fight crimes at night. It's a little bit more realistic but s...
by Realm Beyond Sight on Jul 1, 2013

First person Darth Vader lightsaber duel - Part 3 - Return of Vader! [video]

Step back into the shoes of the infamous Darth Vader and a pair of Jedi from Star Wars in Part 3 of the first person lightsaber battle that has been shot by "stunt people". These video have been a lot of fun because of the originality of th...
by Realm Beyond Sight on Jun 23, 2013

RBS' Cosplay Closet - Etna Comics 2013 [video compilation]

I have to tip my hat to the cosplayers in Italy because they know how to deliver some epic cosplay greatness. Check out this great cosplay video from Etna Comics 2013 which was located in Catania, Italy. These cosplays definitely raise the...
by Realm Beyond Sight on Jun 20, 2013

De ce a lovit Rihanna cu microfonul un fan?

MOMENT INCREDIBIL in timpul unui concert. Rihanna a lovit cu microfonul in cap un fan AGRESIVUn fan din Marea Britanie al Rihannei a avut parte de o experienţă mult mai intensă decât şi-ar fi dorit. În timpul unui concert în Birmingham, Rihan...
by Blogu lui Salam on Jun 19, 2013

Fan at Astros game get stuck in seats after trying to catch foul ball

Let the below video be a lesson to all you fans who think that catching a foul ball is a pretty harmless task.During Monday's Astros/White Sox game, one fan attempted to make a diving catch of an Alexei Ramirez foul ball that was heading towards the...
by Outside the Boxscore on Jun 18, 2013

Saxophone tribute to Sonic the Hedgehog! [video]

Sonic the Hedgehog superfan, Xavier Díaz Herrera, has created a fun musical tribute to the original Sonic game by playing the theme on his saxophone. What makes it cooler is that Xavier played four different saxophones (alto, tener, baritone, and so...
by Realm Beyond Sight on Jun 8, 2013

The League of Extraordinary Avengers

I came across this fun piece of art and had to share it. It was created by artiest Тхе Мичо and features Marvel's Avengers. The piece certainly has a steampunk / League of Extraordinary Gentleman kind of feel to it and I think it is great...
by Realm Beyond Sight on Jun 8, 2013

Rihanna: Lucky Fan Nabs Lap Dance At Concert!

Rihanna gave one lucky fan at her Holland concert the night of his life after she choose him for a special lap dance during her performance. She is still on her Diamonds World Tour.
by Beautelicious on Jun 7, 2013

Rihanna Fan Slapping M.A.C. With Lawsuit After Contracting Herpes!

One of Rihanna’s fans is suing makeup giant, M.A.C. after she says she contracted herpes. The story goes like this…Starkeema Greenidge sasy she went to the Rihanna concert at Barclays Center in Brooklyn and was approached by a M.A.C. rep.
by Beautelicious on May 31, 2013

Beyonce Threatens To Have Fan Escorted Out Of Concert For Slapping Her Butt!

Beyonce may be bootylicious, but that doesn’t mean you can touch her butt. During her Monday night concert in  Copenhagen she threatened to throw out a male fan who slapped her butt. While singing Irreplaceable she usually lets her fans sing...
by Beautelicious on May 28, 2013

Beer of Thrones - a Game of Thrones beer parody! [video]

Check out this great Game of Thrones parody from the comedy troupe Comediva titled "Beer of Thrones". It all started out as a normal party until one friend decided to bring a case of Beer of Thrones to the party. Then everything changed. And it'll ne...
by Realm Beyond Sight on May 23, 2013

Andrew Garfield takes a break from filming The Amazing Spider-Man 2 to play basketball with fans as Spider-Man! [video]

Spider-Man is possibly my favorite superhero out there and if I could have met him as a child I would have been through the roof. Recently two students outside P.S. 1 in New York City not only got to meet Spider-Man but had the chance to play some ba...
by Realm Beyond Sight on May 22, 2013

Miguel Accidentally Hits Fan In The Head During Billboard Awards Performance! (Video)

Miguel was midway through his performance of “Adorn” when it appeared like he was going to jump in the pit …then actually jumped onto another smaller stage over the crowd under him and as he landed he crushed a fan’s head unde...
by Beautelicious on May 19, 2013

Miguel Accidentally Hits Fan In The Head During Billboard Award Performance! (Video)

Miguel was midway through his performance of “Adorn” when it appeared like he was going to jump in the pit when he actually jumped onto another smaller stage and he crushed a fan’s head under his leg when the singer did a split! Mig...
by Beautelicious on May 19, 2013

Wall-E's Eve becomes a badass warrior in this fantastic fan art!

Artist Dan LuVisi has created a fantastic piece of fan art that features Eve from Disney and Pixar's Wall-E as a badass warrior. If you are curious how Eve could become a warrior then take a look at the story that Dan is developing for...
by Realm Beyond Sight on May 15, 2013

Taylor Swift Fan Arrested For Swimming Up To Her Rhode Island Home!

A very determined and obsessed Taylor Swift fan swam up to her Rhode Island home in an attempt to meet Swift. The 22 year old man from Chicago  swam up to her beach front home around 2 in the morning. He was later arrested after police saw him on...
by Beautelicious on May 15, 2013

Stunning Doctor Who art piece - "Forgive Me Gallifrey".

I came across this stunning piece of art and knew that I had to share it. Created by artist "meikiro", this piece features a scene from the sci-fi show Doctor Who. Meikiro has named this piece "Forgive Me Gallifrey" and she has done a marve...
by Realm Beyond Sight on May 13, 2013

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