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Fantage Video: Sameer1000 feels left out

Hey Fantagians! Canada and Sameer1000 here! We recently made a video about sameer1000 feeling left out on fantage! What do you think? Sameer1000 and Canada,

Fantage Video: Boat Breaks Into Ichigo1000′s house

Hey Fantagians! Canada and Sameer1000 here! We have made a new video on Fantage. In this video, Boat breaks into Ichigo1000′s house. What do you think of the video? Canada and Sameer1000,

Fantage Video: Fantage Sets Fire

Hey Fantagians! Canada here! I have now once again started making videos on Fantage! I have joined my brother Sameer1000 on his youtube account to make lots of Fantage videos and reach our ultimate goal of 1000 subscribers! This is my newest video po...

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