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Care-giving and the Art of Mucking.

So, for as long as there is something that needs mucking, we'll keep hold of our forks.
by AnnaBlakeBlog on Mar 13, 2015

Weekly Photo Challenge: Orange

Not my favorite color. Sometimes the sunsets are so outlandishly loud, so psychedelically overstated, that it almost changes the flavor of the air. But I was looking the wrong direction. Beside me, it’s reflection was sweet and true. Anna Blake...
by AnnaBlakeBlog on Mar 9, 2015

Weekly Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds

The Rule of Thirds is a design term used when an object is not centered, but instead has visual tension because its placement creates movement within the frame. On our farm, a good herding/guarding dog, like my Tomboy, is never at the center. She fra...
by AnnaBlakeBlog on Feb 23, 2015

The Grandfather Horse. Not Dead Yet.

We've got nothing to lose and we're not dead yet.
by AnnaBlakeBlog on Feb 20, 2015

Weekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

Infinity Farm is on the flat, windy, treeless prairie, where there’s no top to the sky and the low-billowing earth creeps along without much drama. There’s a symmetry to the landscape you can learn to love. Anna Blake, Infinity Farm. Word...
by AnnaBlakeBlog on Feb 16, 2015

Weekly Photo Challenge: Scale

              Scale is when one recognizable object is used to define the size of a second object. But photos can lie. Coming or going… The actual scale of Andante, TB X Beglian, and Bhim, JAB gelding (just as...
by AnnaBlakeBlog on Feb 9, 2015

Photo Challenge- Shadowed

Moving to the high prairie was hard in the beginning–it was so different from what I’d known. It took a while to find peace in a big sky, to find my place in the dirt of Colorado. But there is a light in the late afternoon that illuminate...
by AnnaBlakeBlog on Jan 12, 2015

The Last Goat Standing.

I've been trying to not write about goats all week. I've kind of been being a goat about it, truth be told. Stubborn. Headstrong. Ornery.
by AnnaBlakeBlog on Jan 9, 2015

Weekly Photo Challenge- Warm.

Warm is a verb. The action that warm takes is to release things. Like when you lay in the sun and all of your muscles slowly soften–necks get longer, breaths go deeper and time slows to the speed of a nap. When that softness reaches your heart,...
by AnnaBlakeBlog on Dec 29, 2014

Weekly Photo Challenge: Twinkle

Rescue Corgis, DBA The Little Men: Walter and the Preacher Man. This twinkle inspired by true love. Or maybe leftover turkey. Hard to say. Anna Blake, Infinity Farm. And P.S. If you like my blog, please consider hitting the follow button. I’m t...
by AnnaBlakeBlog on Dec 15, 2014

Seasonal Training Aids.

Taking a nap on your nose might pass as an elite act of rebellion!
by AnnaBlakeBlog on Dec 12, 2014

Weekly Photo Challenge- Gone, But Not Forgotten

Howdy Hero The Wild Texas Wind (Windy) Gone within days of each other, two years ago this month. Still family–dearly loved and profoundly missed. Anna Blake, Infinity Farm. WordPress Photo Challenge is a weekly prompt to share a photo- I enjoy...
by AnnaBlakeBlog on Dec 8, 2014

Vet Visit! Breathing is Connection.

Emergency vet call! This horse likes things to move in horse time. Strangers moving fast scare him. By moving fast, I mean at a normal walk.
by AnnaBlakeBlog on Dec 5, 2014

Weekly Photo Challenge -Converge

A barn is a place of meeting and joining. We come from all different directions, all different experiences and all different potentials. No one knows how it will be; who will shine brightest, who will leave us too soon. We live in horse time, we live...
by AnnaBlakeBlog on Dec 1, 2014

Weekly Photo Challenge -Angular.

Farms are not very angular places and I will admit, my eyes are drawn to curves and not angles. Llamas are the closest we get to angular animals: straight backs, perpendicular necks, directional ears. They have an angled silhouette that is easy to re...
by AnnaBlakeBlog on Nov 24, 2014

Weekly Photo Challenge – Achievement

We’ve been fifteen years on this little farm now and each of us has days to brag about. In the end, at the bedtime walk thru when all things are equal, I think our greatest achievement is simply finding our way home. Anna Blake, Infinity Farm.
by AnnaBlakeBlog on Nov 17, 2014

Weekly Photo Challenge: Mini-malist

Spartan. Austere. Spare. Not more than required. Mini-mialist.  Anything but… Anna Blake, Infinity Farm. WordPress Photo Challenge is a weekly prompt to share a photo- I enjoy twisting these macro prompts to share our micro life here on the C...
by AnnaBlakeBlog on Nov 10, 2014

Weekly Photo Challenge: Cover Art.

What a strange idea for the photo challenge. Except for the fact I’ve been throwing ideas around for a book cover. You see, I’ve been working on a manuscript for a book for the last 18 months. I am finishing the final edit right now. It h...
by AnnaBlakeBlog on Oct 27, 2014

Golden Days and Hindsight Guilt.

These late October days are golden–sweet and rich, and as temporary as a long, crisp leaf. The sun is slow to rise and dawdles while setting over Pikes Peak. The clouds hold onto its colorful tail, long after the sun is gone. The horses and I w...
by AnnaBlakeBlog on Oct 24, 2014

Weekly Photo Challenge: Refraction.

Refraction happens when a light bounces from one thing to another like a pinball. Instead of twanging noise, the light gets softer than sun, it’s bounced and sprinkled and spread thin so that when we see it through the filter of our own eyes, t...
by AnnaBlakeBlog on Oct 20, 2014

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