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Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreamy

Being Dreamy is the quality of being slightly unstuck somewhere between the harsh light of day and soft pure uncolored sleep. It’s a place of refuge where doubters are silent and limitations are vague. Just the way I like ‘em. ***  “Sh...
by AnnaBlakeBlog on Oct 13, 2014

Pioneer Spirit: A Message from Leafa.

Leafa Numbers was my paternal grandmother. We had a chat this week. She was born in 1888 in a sod shanty in Kansas. A graduate student doing research about the pioneers who settled North Dakota interviewed some nursing home residents in 1976. I got a...
by AnnaBlakeBlog on Oct 10, 2014

Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs

Sign Translation: Storm coming! (Sorry for the blurry -Edgar Rice Burro moves quicker than you think.) Anna Blake, Infinity Farm. WordPress Photo Challenge is a weekly prompt to share a photo- I enjoy twisting these macro prompts to share our micro l...
by AnnaBlakeBlog on Oct 6, 2014

A PSA: Vulnerability is our greatest strength.

Facebook has sucked the life out of me this week. What's wrong with people?
by AnnaBlakeBlog on Oct 3, 2014

Weekly Photo Challenge: Nighttime

Nighttime at the barn is when the edges between now and then blur. Sometimes in the gloaming, there is movement in the shadows. Amid the chewing and breathing, there is just a flicker of something else. Don’t look directly, use peripheral visio...
by AnnaBlakeBlog on Sep 29, 2014

Weekly Photo Challenge: Endurance

Endurance is the main ingredient in old age. My Grandfather horse has endured infirmity, climate change, and the weight of time and gravity. He has endured my dogged love, lofty ambitions, and infinite shortcomings. Not holding back and protecting hi...
by AnnaBlakeBlog on Sep 22, 2014

Weekly Photo Challenge: Adventure

  Morning chores with Tomboy, the briard. It’s more of an adventure for some of us than others but she’s right. It’s good to be reminded: There is a fresh new world out there every day. Chase some varmints and protect your herd...
by AnnaBlakeBlog on Sep 8, 2014

WordPress Photo Challenge: Fray.

There is a place that is not the earth and not the sky, an in-between place where some of us ride the fray. Anna Blake, Infinity Farm. WordPress Photo Challenge is a weekly prompt to share a photo- I enjoy twisting these macro prompts to share our mi...
by AnnaBlakeBlog on Aug 25, 2014

Plum Perfect: A Bumper Crop Mean Farm to Table is a Group Effort

This year's plum harvest was surely a bumper crop/season if I'd ever seen one. Tree's that have never fruited were heavy with diverse varieties of plums this year! We discovered we had over 4 different types of plum trees from plump sweet yellow (sus...
by La Tavola Marche on Aug 23, 2014


“As God is my witness, … I’ll never be hungry again.” -Gone with the Wind, Infinity Farm Version. *snicker, snicker* Anna Blake, Infinity Farm. WordPress Photo Challenge is a weekly prompt to share a photo- I enjoy twisting th...
by AnnaBlakeBlog on Aug 18, 2014

WPC: ZigZag

A chestnut zigzag. Well, more of a wave pattern, but we are not very angular here. And this color isn’t one color, rather a range of color. Who cares? A horse mane, so what? I am betting if you are a horse person, tried and true, this is your f...
by AnnaBlakeBlog on Aug 6, 2014

Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer Lovin’

In the Summer, we are Lovin’ a good foot soak. Longer daylight hours, more lessons taught and hot boots for toe safety, so at the end of day nothing eases like a foot soak. Belle usually beats me to it. And yes, it is a stock tank, but the hors...
by AnnaBlakeBlog on Jul 28, 2014

Weekly Photo Challenge: Container

It’s the best container for a hairy black dog in July. This is Tomboy (aka Swamp Thing.) She likes the pond better, but we negotiated this solution because it turns out there’s a reason they don’t make bath salts scented with Pond S...
by AnnaBlakeBlog on Jul 21, 2014

Donkeys for Peace: Edgar Rice Burro, my Hero.

By the time I got through the gate, Edgar had joined in. He was running hard, right behind Bhim. Shame on him. I expected so much better from an animal of his intellect and compassion.
by AnnaBlakeBlog on Jul 18, 2014

WPC: Relic

Relics: Senior horses are the very best. The Grandfather Horse and I have been together for so long that the line between us blurred to gray and we can’t remember which century we met. We’re rickety relics of a story the two of us made up...
by AnnaBlakeBlog on Jul 14, 2014

A Muck Meditation on Barn Swallows.

I feel sorry for people who don’t muck. How do they organize their thoughts? Or come up with creative training options? Or share peace of heart with the herd? This time of the year the barn swallows are very busy. They might be my favorite bird...
by AnnaBlakeBlog on Jul 4, 2014


  My house is small. My favorite room is the one out back. Anna Blake, Infinity Farm. WordPress Photo Challenge is a weekly prompt to share a photo- I enjoy twisting these macro prompts to share our micro life here on the Colorado prairie. My ph...
by AnnaBlakeBlog on Jun 9, 2014

Walter Sings the Songs of his People.

My friend Sarah says, “All dog stories end the same way.” I know what she means. None of us humans are getting out alive either. There is nothing remarkable about death. It’s as common as dirt. Disclaimer: No tissues allowed. Really, this t...
by AnnaBlakeBlog on May 30, 2014

Friday Farm Photo: Have a Freshly Picked Weekend.

Heirloom lettuce direct seeded in the kitchen garden the first part of April.Do you have any plans this weekend? We usually hunker down at home for the holidays, though I do wish I'd thought to buy some potato chips the last time we were out.In b...
by Farmgirl Fare on May 23, 2014

Weekly Photo Challenge: Work of Art

This is an odd photo for my blog. It’s a work of art, unusual gemstones in a unique pendant, hand made by me. In my first career, I was a goldsmith. For over 30 years, I created one-of-a-kind fine art jewelry in my gallery/studio, just after an...
by AnnaBlakeBlog on May 20, 2014

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