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Fashion Fridays: How To Mix Prints

Happy Friday, fashionistas! Today we’re talking about something that may be daunting for some, exciting for others.  The topic?  Mixing prints, aka one of my favorite things to do! Long gone are the days where you couldn’t pair stripes...
by The Domestic Rebel on Jul 25, 2014

Fashion Fridays: StitchFix Review!!

I can guarantee one of your coworkers has done it.  And probably your best friend.  And your neighbor down the street probably just got one.  I’m talking about Stitch Fix, the online clothing subscription service that is changing the way we...
by The Domestic Rebel on Jul 18, 2014


Via GlobalCoutureHey!!! My name is Sydney, but In the social media world I’m known as Posh_Syd :). I’m a 26 yr old Brooklyn native, but I currently reside in Pennsylvania. I love food, fun, natural hair and all things fashion!!!How would you desc...
by Seriously Natural on Jul 11, 2014

Fashion Fridays — My Top, All-Time Beauty Favorites!

Happy Friday, friends!  Who doesn’t love makeup?! However, I get it — sometimes shopping for makeup can be daunting, annoying even.  How will you know if it looks right on your skintone?  What if the color is too intense, or too sheer?
by The Domestic Rebel on Jul 4, 2014

Fashion Fridays: The Outfit That Works With ANY Age (Really!)

Happy Friday everyone! Today’s subject is a good one because whether you’re 18 or 78, this outfit has the potential to work for you.  How in the world is that even possible?  18 year-olds and 78 year-olds hardly dress similarly (and no...
by The Domestic Rebel on Jun 27, 2014

{New Feature!} Fashion Fridays: How To Wear Statement Necklaces

Hey guys! I am SO excited to launch the newest part of The Domestic Rebel — Fashion Fridays! Some of you know (especially if you follow me on Instagram) that I’m a HUGE fashion and beauty junkie.  I LOVE clothes and jewelry (a little too...
by The Domestic Rebel on Jun 20, 2014

Fashion Fridays - Gaby

Via Global CoutureMy name is Gaby. I was born and raised in Paris, France. Passionate about fashion, especially shoes, I am the editor of the fashion blog Feminine Bliss. I work in the field of communication and content creation.How would you describ...
by Seriously Natural on May 30, 2014

Fashion Fridays - Kym

Via Global CoutureGreetings. My name is Kym Williams. My friends call me Kymmy. I never really liked the name but I think it’s endearing when they do. I live in Long beach, California. I’ve never met people so proud to be from a city in my life b...
by Seriously Natural on May 16, 2014

Fashionable Fridays: Kendra of Closet Confections

Via Global CoutureIntroduce yourself!Hi, my name is Kendra.  I’m originally from Detroit, but I came to NYC for college with dreams of landing a glamorous job in fashion after I finished school.  That didn’t happen, but I did meet my wo...
by Seriously Natural on Mar 28, 2014

Happy Christmas Fashionistas!

Hey there gorgeous readers, just a little message to say thanks so, SO much for all the love you’ve shown …The post Happy Christmas Fashionistas! appeared first on Mummys Got Style.
by Mummy's Got Style on Dec 24, 2013

Fashion tops for beautiful women

Seriously Natural Boutique Just a quick post sharing some of the new tops and accessories that are in the Seriously Natural Boutique.  Have you made it over there yet?  Well, if not they what are you WAITING for?  Like I told you, our...
by Seriously Natural Tumblr on Oct 25, 2013

The new Eva Mendes Collection - Exclusively at NY&C

The beautiful Eva Mendes, Hollywood actress and all around glamour girl, has teamed up with my FAVORITE clothing store, New York & Company, to create a new collection...her collection that's been inspired by her personal style and red carpet look...
by Seriously Natural Tumblr on Sep 20, 2013

Fashion Fridays - Tank and Jeans for the Holiday

Tank and Jeans by cindycook10 featuring brahmin purses I've been neglectful on my fashion front for the blog but I think I've redeemed myself with this simple, breezy, holiday outfit that can go anywhere!  BBQ, festival, night out or lazy s...
by Seriously Natural Tumblr on Aug 30, 2013

Fashion Friday - Saturday Comfort

Saturday Comfort by cindycook10 featuring t strap sandals Out in the REAL world it's Spring with warmer temps and arms and toes making appearances.  Well, here in Denver we are still fighting with snow but my mind and body are ready for Spr...
by Seriously Natural Tumblr on Apr 19, 2013

Fashion for us - Classic, sexy and day to evening perfection

(Arabella by stay-at-home-mom featuring paule ka) I've been out of sync lately but back I'm back on track! Today I'm sharing a gorgeously put together outfit for women older than 25 yet look and feel sexy as hell!  I love this outfit and fe...
by Seriously Natural on Apr 5, 2013

Fashion Friday - Apple Body Shape

(origin) Last week I discussed the five main body types (apple, hourglass, pear, rectangle and wedge).  For the next five weeks I'll be discussing each one a little deeper and give some tricks on how to camouflage the problematic areas and a...
by Seriously Natural on Feb 8, 2013

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by Free Stuff In India on Feb 8, 2013

Fashion Friday - Finding your body shape

(origin) There are five main shapes that women can find themselves falling into for their bodies.  That's not to say we all fit neatly into a particular one.  I actually fall between being a pear and an hourglass and I'm sure many other w...
by Seriously Natural Tumblr on Feb 1, 2013

Fashion Friday - Red time

REd time by catita-miau featuring messenger handbags Black Spot Drape Dress          -            $70.00  Kelsi Dagger Lizzy Suede Pump, Red -...
by Seriously Natural Tumblr on Jan 18, 2013

Fashion Friday - Work and Play

Ralph Lauren by archimedes16 featuring retro sunglasses Ralph Lauren boatneck dress $945 - Rebecca Minkoff leather shoes Dooney bourke Nordstrom bangle bracelet A...
by Seriously Natural on Jan 11, 2013

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