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CCleaner is the best cache/cookie clearing app out there.  You will be amazed how much faster your system is after running it.CCleaner clears out temp files, cache files, cookies, as well as emptying the recycle bin.  Partner running this w...
by My PC Optimized on Dec 20, 2010

Disk Defragment

Defragging your hard drive is one of the simplest routine maintenance tasks you can do to keep your computer running fast. Installing and removing files from your hard drive leaves fragmented files behind which increase the time it takes for other p...
by My PC Optimized on Jun 16, 2009

Avast Home Edition

Avast is by far the best free anti-virus solution on the market today. Avast provides a resident scanner that protects you at all times, as well as an option to run a full system scan. Combine this with the automatic updates to virus definitions it...
by My PC Optimized on Jun 13, 2009


Ad-Aware Free10 years of malware experience combined in one dynamic application. Ad-Aware - Anniversary Edition offers radically improved performance and efficiency, along with comprehensive malware protection. With real-time monitoring, threat alert...
by My PC Optimized on Jun 13, 2009

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