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Emmerdale 2nd December 2014 Part 2

 Emmerdale   Laurel thinks it’s in April’s best interests if they keep her away from Ross, who was in a relationship with her late mum, Donna. Marlon’s conflicted but soon realises that having Ross. ...
by sharingvideo24 on Dec 3, 2014

EastEnders 2nd December 2014

 EastEnders  Peter is back in Walford with something important to ask Max, Jane tries to persuade Ian to forget what they found on Lucy's phone, and Sonia arrives home looking pale and ill. ...
by sharingvideo24 on Dec 3, 2014

Home and Away 6112 - 6113 3rd December 2014

 home and away  Matt tells Sasha he wants them to live together and Maddy is warned to start chemotherapy soon.Police find Dean's dead body out in the desert and find a shovel Brax held at the crime scene.         ...
by sharingvideo24 on Dec 3, 2014

Emmerdale 2nd December 2014 Part 1

 Emmerdale   Charity wakes at the police station – she’s ready to confess all to DI Bails. ...
by sharingvideo24 on Dec 3, 2014

eBook: Cryptography For Dummies (usually $22.99) FREE for a limited time!

Cryptography is the most effective way to achieve data security. It's essential to e-commerce activities such as online shopping, stock trading, and banking among others. This eBook discusses specific technologies that incorporate cryptography in the...
by Questechie on Dec 2, 2014

Featured Fantasy: Tears For A World by Alexander Fernandez $1.99 or Free with Kindle Unlimited

  Price on Feature Date (Amazon): $1.99 Title and Author Name: Tears for a World by Alexander Fernandez Series: Lonely World Trilogy Genres: Fantasy   Book Blurb/Synopsis: The holy artifact bonded around Marisylia Malludar’s neck give...
by Fire and Ice Book Tours on Dec 2, 2014

Home and Away 6111 2nd December 2014

 home and away Ricky is angry when she learns that Brax put himself in danger to retrieve Ash's crime money.                        mobile version ...
by sharingvideo24 on Dec 2, 2014

Neighbours 7027 2nd December 2014

 neighbours  Brad feels the heat over Ezra's attack; Karl's placed in a compromising position; Naomi gives Chris and Nate bad romantic advice.
by sharingvideo24 on Dec 2, 2014

Shortland Street 5642 2nd December 2014

 Shortland Street  ane apologises for ruining Clementine's party. Honour tries to broker a truce between Clementine and Kane.
by sharingvideo24 on Dec 2, 2014

General Hospital 1st December 2014

 General Hospital  Tracy receives a surprise visitor and Alexis, in turn, updates the Quartermaines on this person’s circumstances. Larry is appalled by this guest’s accusations. Julian tells Jordan the truth about his boss and later in...
by sharingvideo24 on Dec 2, 2014

Young and the Restless 1st December 2014

Young and the Restless The moment of truth arrives for Victoria (Amelia Heinle), will Stitch (Sean Carrigan) or Billy (Burgess Jenkins) turn out to be the father of her baby? Summer (Hunter King) confronts Sharon (Sharon Case). Adam's (Justin Hartley...
by sharingvideo24 on Dec 1, 2014

Bold and the Beautiful 1st December 2014

Bold and the Beautiful Hope (Kim Matula) makes a heartbreaking realization in regard to Liam (Scott Clifton); Quinn (Rena Sofer) learns of Hope's baby shower and can't stop herself from scheming.
by sharingvideo24 on Dec 1, 2014

Coronation Street 1st December 2014 Part 1

Coronation Street When Tony tries again to tempt Tracy with some dodgy stock, she manages to resist. But Tony later tells Liz he intends to take over Tracy's business! With Tracy unable to pay the rent, Ken takes her for dinner in an effort to cheer...
by sharingvideo24 on Dec 1, 2014

EastEnders 1st December 2014

EastEnders Curiosity gets the better of Ian when he decides to look through Lucy's mobile phone. Denise finally decides to take matters in her own hands, but things don't go quite to plan.
by sharingvideo24 on Dec 1, 2014

Emmerdale 1st December 2014

Emmerdale Will Charity make a sacrifice for Debbie? Kirin's antics lead to danger. Marlon struggles over April's bond with Ross   ...
by sharingvideo24 on Dec 1, 2014

Hollyoaks 2nd December 2014

Hollyoaks Celine questions Jason’s behaviour and is shocked by what she discovers. Patrick enjoys every second of dealing a heart-breaking truth to Maxine, while Sienna is terrified when she can’t find Nico. Elsewhere, it looks like Cameron is ab...
by sharingvideo24 on Dec 1, 2014

Shortland Street 5641 1st December 2014

Shortland Street Kylie apologises to Ula for not telling her about Garrett's night with Rachel, but gets nowhere and worries their friendship is doomed.
by sharingvideo24 on Dec 1, 2014

Neighbours 7026 1st December 2014

neighbours Sonya struggles to help Erin.Terese and Paul are blindsided.Gary works to repair his relationship with Kyle.
by sharingvideo24 on Dec 1, 2014

Home and Away 6010 1th december 2014

home and away Maddy breaks down after finding out the consequences of chemotherapy. There's trouble in paradise for Hannah and Andy. Ash struggles to find direction after failing to find his sister. Neive is making ominous phone calls about her p...
by sharingvideo24 on Dec 1, 2014

Hollyoaks 1st December 2014

Rick tells Jason he'll still have to fight, despite the bruising and swelling on his hand from when Jason purposely shut a car bonnet on it. In anticipation of the big fight, Jason is terrified the crowd will laugh and taunt him and throws up his bre...
by sharingvideo24 on Nov 29, 2014

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