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Every night this young man from Birmingham is walking around the city in Spiderman suit. He is heckled by a few but he is a hero to so many. Find out why!

Being a superhero is the kind of stuff that we fantasize growing up as kid. We want to be like Superman who can fly and do a lot of things like save people from danger or imminent death as well as save people from natural disasters. I also want to be...
by MrPaandar on Mar 18, 2015

Day 95 – My last three dollars

  I’m not usually accustomed to giving away my money to the homeless people who I come across, I generally try to give them something more valuable than a few bucks. I give away my blessing bags with toiletries and snacks, I sometimes give...
by The Pledge of Kindness on Apr 6, 2013

Day 16- Well Deserved Recommendation

Have you ever just had such a great experience with a company or service that you wanted to shout it out from the roof tops how awesome it was?? How often do you say thanks for that awesome service by offering up a referral or recommendation?? The bi...
by The Pledge of Kindness on Jan 16, 2013

Day 10 – A Hunger to Help

As most of the last 10 days has started, today was no exception. I entered this day with no plan on what act of kindness I would perform today. I like to think that each day the right opportunity will just happen or occur to me…a divine interve...
by The Pledge of Kindness on Jan 10, 2013

CBD’s Meaningful Month Challenge: Find New Ways to Make a Meaningful Difference in Your World!

At CBD, our mission is to “Market what’s Meaningful” for our clients.  Those words serve as a guide and help bring focus to our work. But we also know that families, friends and the work we do in our communities are what bring true meaning to...
by CBD inTouch on Sep 4, 2012

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