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కులం మారినా ’వ్యాపార బుద్ది' మారలేదు.

by Manavu on Dec 14, 2016

Preity Zinta Latest Wallpapers & Biography

Preity Zinta Latest Wallpapers & Biography Biography: Born in Simla, Himachal Pradesh, she lost her father in a car accident at the young age of 13, which Preity says, forced her... Read more »...
by todaygossip on Oct 6, 2012

Children of a lesser god?

Recently I received an SMS forward from a friend which brought tears to my eyes.Dairy of a foetus15th June: I get attached to my mom17th June: I'm a tissue now!!!30th June: Mom said to dad" You're going to be a father!!!"Mom and dad are very happy.15...
by mom of all trades on Jul 29, 2011

China considers easing the one child policy

Authorities in China are now considering easing the one child policy due to a huge demographic imbalance. The one child policy was introduced in by Deng Xiaoping in 1979 to curb the country's population growth. Some families such as farmers with t...
by Larger Family Life on Jul 17, 2011

The problem of female infanticide and foeticide

The killing of female infants and foetus is a major problem today.A girl child who is almost unwanted is not allowed to come in to this world.With the help of new scientific techniques the role of killing the female child has become much more simpler...
by Current Affairs of India on Apr 12, 2009

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