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The Naked Truth

As my regular readers know, I’m struggling. The shock is palpable. Even over a month and a half later, I still keep going over in my head the many, many reasons why Trump can’t be elected and wake up in … Continue reading →...

12 lessons I learnt in 2016

The first lesson I learnt in 2016 Feeling elf consciousness when it comes to being photographed has always been a bit of an unsurmountable problem for me. My youngest daughter is a fabulous photographer... The post 12 lessons I learnt in...
by Divorced Doodling on Dec 16, 2016

Engendering Fear

We live in fear. At this point in history, it seems, with good reason. Horror films, apart from being considered low art, teach us to deal with some of these fears. I hadn’t been reading about the genre for very … Continue reading →...

The Wicked Man

I confess, it was a moment of weakness. Or I could say that it was dedication to research. In either case, I subjected myself to watching the remake of the 1973 classic, The Wicker Man. The reviews that I’ve read … Continue reading →...

Christina Hoff Sommers on Feminism

by INFRAKSHUN on Dec 1, 2016


I first heard of feminism in seminary. Growing up as a poor, uneducated fundie in a small town, where would I have learned about it? I came to it naturally, though. Being raised for several years by a single mother … Continue reading →...

Gray Magic

Fashion. Okay, I’ll wait here while you check your URL to make sure you’re on the right webpage. Back? Okay. Fashion is something about which I care so little that it surprises even me that I’m addressing it. I can … Continue reading U...

Equal Frights

Working in Midtown Manhattan, it’s rare for a week to go by without passing through a street that’s set up for a film or television shoot. New York isn’t the largest city in the world, nor does it have the … Continue reading →...

American Mary: Enter The Anti-Heroine

by Black Ship Books on Jul 15, 2016

American Mary – Enter The Anti-Heroine

by Black Ship Books on Jul 15, 2016

10 Fantasy Books with Excellent Feminist Heroines

Fantasy is full of amazing feminist heroines. Here are 10 of our favorites.
by Book Riot on Jul 7, 2016

Surrogacy #feminist issue

Scientists make babies Bollywood has embraced surrogacy with a vengeance. First Amir Khan, then Shah Rukh Khan and now Tushaar Kapoor being the latest one. Tushar Kapoor decided to have a baby as a... The post Surrogacy #feminist issue ap...
by Divorced Doodling on Jun 28, 2016

Half-Way Holy

I’ve been reading about Ruth lately. Ruth doesn’t have a last name. She’s a character in the Bible. The book named after her is one of the shortest in the longest, Hebrew section of the Good Book. It’s a fairly … Continue reading &#...

Does a Book Need Feminist Characters to be a Feminist Book?

Exploring feminist books without feminist characters.
by Book Riot on Jun 15, 2016

New World Witches

One of the most coveted phenomena in the publishing world is the bad review. Controversy sells a book like nothing else. It wasn’t because of the controversy, however, that I read Alex Mar’s Witches of America. Looking back, I wasn’t … Co...

Overcoming Awkward Fear of the Romance Genre

One Rioter talks about overcoming her fear of the romance genre.
by Book Riot on Jun 11, 2016

The Devil Made Me

Witch-hunts, I suspect, will become all the rage again if a certain presidential candidate is elected. The fear of witches is not easily explained in a world driven by materialism, but certainly misogyny plays an unholy role in much of … Contin...

♫ Back in the ̶U̶S̶S̶...USA?

I'm moving away from a disability-centric topic today, though this topic is inclusive of issues that directly and probably disproportionately affect the disabled. There is something much more pressing on my mind that stands to potentially eliminate C...

Gender Pay Gap Debunked (The Myth) by Christina Hoff Sommers

Comment: I'm loathe to support the American Enterprise Institute which represents some pretty crystallised right-wing thinking on so many issues. However, Christina Hoff Summers is only one of a handful of women speaking out against Western feminism...
by INFRAKSHUN on Jun 2, 2016

The Ghostbusters Remake Looks Shitty

Ghostbusters looks godawful, and as a result the trailer is the most disliked in Youtube history. But apparently everyone trashing the movie are just misogynistic, unable to tolerate powerful woman taking over the role as the new titular characters o...
by Sweet Funky Freedom on May 31, 2016

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