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Women Tattoos

Among the ancient Greeks, roses symbolized secrecy. Wearing a rose during a religious ceremony implied that the wearer would keep the religion's secrets sacred. Ancient Greco-Roman culture also saw the rose as a symbol of beauty, of springtime, an...
by Women Tattoos on Jun 29, 2012

Body Tattoos for Women

Bird tattoos back women bodytattoos women,natural women tattoos,tattoos design...
by Women Tattoos on Apr 29, 2012

Pregnant Women and Tattoos

women tattoos,natural tattoos,tribal tattoosPregnant women with arm tattoos...
by Women Tattoos on Mar 23, 2012

Arm Tattoos Women

Tattoo can be a lot of functions. Not just add beauty or as a marker, many people choose a tattoo with different objectives.Tattoo help to cover the body of the 'width' and the other objective is to cover the scar. "There was a small wound, hot water...
by Women Tattoos on Mar 14, 2012

Design Tattoos on Women Neck

Diamond tattoo on neckwomen tattoos,nature tattoos,girl tattoos...
by Women Tattoos on Feb 26, 2012

Big Flower Tattoos o Body

Flower tattoos,girl tattoos,women tattoos,natural tattoosTribal tattoos Borneo on women shoulder........
by Women Tattoos on Feb 22, 2012

Women for Love Tattoos

Love women with tattoos and kissing....Natural women Asia with tattoos on upper back...
by Women Tattoos on Feb 10, 2012

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