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Holly Portrait- 1 1/2 Hour

Here is another one of the quick paintings I have done from live models.  I still need at least one more model,  hit me up if you're interested!
by Sarah's Art Daily on Dec 8, 2013

Kitty- 2 hours portrait

                      This is just painting for me to practice painting from life, really fast! My focus was to develop a unique color palette that describes the face, as well as portray form acc...
by Sarah's Art Daily on Nov 22, 2013

"Swing" Self Portrait Series

This was an exciting series for me to work on, which started off as just a small idea. I was inspired by  an old photo of me that Will had taken when we first started dating. It inspired me so much as to do a whole series.So much artwork is depr...
by Sarah's Art Daily on Nov 11, 2013

It's 2 AM and here is a much needed post... Mural Sneak Peek

I sincerely apologize for the lack of posts in the last week.  I have been busier than it feels like could even be possible!  For my painting project (critique in the morning!) I decided to do a mural.  I literally just finished it. Th...
by Sarah's Art Daily on Sep 30, 2013

3 Quick Painting Studies

Here are three painting studies that I just completed in my painting class.  We are going to be doing an "invented portrait" as our next project, and today we had models come in for us to draw and paint in preparation.  We were able to use...
by Sarah's Art Daily on Aug 28, 2013

The Johns- Painting

by Sarah's Art Daily on Jun 21, 2013

Glossing Over It: The Process of Glazing

When I first began to seriously work on painting, as an undergraduate art major, I preferred a thicker, more opaque application of paint. It was not that I was painting with such dimensional strokes as Vincent Van Gogh, but it was not in the style of...
by Tyrus's Eye on Art on Jun 21, 2013

How to Paint "Alla Prima" - Figure Painting - Sea Scape by Leonardo Pereznieto

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by Basic Painting Tips on Jan 15, 2013

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