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5 Tips To Stay Financially Fit

It feels good to have tons of money and be able to buy everything we see. Specially when they are a swipe away. To the point that we also adopt to what is trending and what looks good in the crowd. But we should always keep in mind that money and cre...
by Ajeinomoto on Apr 12, 2016

Name Change and New Product for 50k

Big news coming the first part of Sept the name 50K in 30days will change to the ” Financial Fitness Club”. They will be adding a new product called “Every Dollar Counts” which is a 60 day work book with a set of DVDs they wil...
by My Vehicles To Success on Aug 18, 2013

Prepare for Emergencies!

  Be prepared for emergencies!  1 out of 3 Americans can’t even cover a $5,000 emergency (this is even worse now because this stat came before the economic collapse).  Money management is a skill like any other and unfortunately most peo...
by Iron Fitness on Nov 23, 2012

New Goal – Financial Fitness

  Physical fitness is a good thing to have on your side.  It will help you through your entire life and makes tackling the struggles of each day easier.  Just as important is your financial fitness.  If your finances are not in order your ent...
by Iron Fitness on Nov 22, 2012

Free Financial Fitness Calendar 2012 at Money Matters.

This calendar serves as a financial literacy resource guide, with handy tips and tools for improving your financial health. You must be a New Jersey resident to request a calendar.Complete the form to receive your Financial Fitness 2012 Free Calendar...
by samples-coupons on Dec 5, 2011

Financial Fitness Checklist

To find out just what kind of financial shape you’re in, answer the questions in the following Financial Fitness Checklist.1 If you’re married, print this out and take it home so that you and your spouse can work together to answer the qu...
by Basic Financial Concepts on Apr 5, 2011

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