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Injury Compensation Claims

Question:There are many people who seek compensation for injuries such as Car accidents, falls etc. I have seen many people make compensation claims following car accidents, these are not for any major injuries but minor aches & pains. It has...
by 4lch3m1st on Feb 12, 2011

Unpaid Zakat, Mortgage, and Debt: What Do I Do?

Question:I have not paid zakat for a number of years. Added on to this, I have a mortgage on a house as well as being in debt to two credit card companies. On top of all this, I was divorced recently and my wife is demanding her share of the money...
by 4lch3m1st on Feb 12, 2011

Performing Hajj with a debt

Question:Is your Hajj valid if you have an interest-free loan that you are paying in installments or a house for that matter? Also can you borrow money to make Hajj? Answer: Wa Alaykum Assalam wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuhu, From a pre...
by 4lch3m1st on Feb 12, 2011

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