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Government and Fiscal Irresponsibility

Note to government: Eventually you runout of other peoples money to spend and when the piper needs to be paid the pockets will be empty!And the burden on business and investors of all types to make-up the deficit can quickly become unsustainable!Read...
by The Political Commentator on May 16, 2016

Government Shutdown: A Good Problem To Have

It may strike some as strange to state a partial government shutdown is a good problem to have.  Such a statement would take most aback, especially when today’s American society has been lulled in a stupor on focusing on the here and now.&...
by Conservative Voice on Oct 10, 2013

Guest Post: Down the Wrong Road!

'Down the wrong road' Are you ready for a quiz? do you recognize who this is ? Remember, no peeking : 1- She recently filed for bankruptcy, just like Stockton, California, America's most "famous" bankrupt city. 2- Her massive debt includes $10...
by The Political Commentator on Apr 15, 2013

Introducing Barack Obama, America's (very expensive) Guest!

Above and beyond the massive waste of taxpayer dollars paying for Barack Obama's campaign and fundraising junkets around the country, he is costing local governments fortunes! Fortunes that cash-strapped city governments and local entities don't hav...
by The Political Commentator on Oct 3, 2012

An Extreme Conservative's Rant

It is not that I am “anti-Right” or anything like that, though I have matured enough politically to see the gross republican failings.  Hell, that would make me a Liberal… or even worse – an Independent!  “A f...
by Conservative Voice on Jul 2, 2012

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