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Fresh seafood on sale at the Negombo fish market.Pics by: NelsonlankaSony  NEX 6MY YOU TUBE CHANNEL: MY PHOTOGRAPHS:
by Discover-Sri Lanka on Jul 15, 2016

Exotic Islas de Gigantes: A Teaser for a Well-Deserved Summer Weekend Reward

Life is a beautiful reward. It is not just about working all day and all night, being continuously depressed over a loss or disappointment, being obsessed over perfection, or securing a positive social perception. Life is also about cherishing the co...
by Adrenaline Romance on Jul 7, 2016

Queen’s Day at Quay St, Wynyard Quarter and Queen St.

How fortunate are we to witness the Queen’s birthday celebration in Auckland, New Zealand while we were still there. In fact, it was the day we were to fly out, but we still enjoyed the holiday as the rest of the Kiwis. The night before, my oth...
by First-time Travels on Jul 1, 2016

Sensational Seafood Saturdays at the Tuna Harbor Dockside Market

The Tuna Harbor Dockside Market is the place to go Saturday mornings from 8am to 1pm for outstanding fresh, local sustainably caught seafood. Located on a pier just North of Seaport Village, the market provides an opportunity for the San … Cont...
by Wabisabi Green on Jun 12, 2016

Tourist town at Negombo Beach

A few relaxing days in Negombo’s touristy beach area.
by vegeTARAian on May 12, 2016

Tips Mengatasi Jenuh dgn Liburan Asyik dan Seru di Sydney Australia

Bagi sebagian orang, berlibur boleh jadi merupakan agenda wajib yang tidak boleh terlewatkan . Mereka percaya bahwa berlibur akan menyehatkan jiwa. Selain memberikan suasana baru yang menyenangkan, banyak orang percaya bahwa biaya liburan masih jauh...
by tipsanda on Apr 7, 2016

Jagalchi Fish Market – Korea’s Largest Seafood Market

Situated between Namp’o-dong and Ch’ungmu-dong, Jagalchi Fish Market is Korea’s biggest seafood market, consisting of two sections – a fresh seafood section in the western area and a dried seafood section in the east. Jagalchi is derived...
by Cush Travel on Mar 14, 2016


Pictures of female fisher folk of Negombo, vociferous and hardselling the merchandise, caught by their hardworking men. Start an argument with one of them and you are a loser!Pics by: NelsonlankaSony NEX 6MY YOU TUBE CHANNEL:
by Discover-Sri Lanka on Feb 21, 2016

Napak Tilas Perjalanan Papa di Australia

“Jangan lupa belajar dan jaga mama” Saya masih mengingat dengan jelas kata-kata yang tertulis di balik kartupos bergambar Sydney Opera House yang saya terima belasan tahun yang lalu. Kala itu saya masih berseragam putih biru dan papa sed...
by males mandi on Feb 15, 2016

Jagalchi Fish Market • Busan, South Korea

On a recent trip to Busan, I found myself fixated on the idea of visiting Jagalchi Fish Market. I knew absolutely nothing about the market but a few weeks earlier had spotted it as a tiny dot on a map and ever since, had an intense desire to explore...
by The Brazen Gourmand on Sep 2, 2015

Alexandria’s Live Music Week: July 14, 2015 #LiveMusicWeek

Here's who's playing where Tuesday, July 14, 2015 on day 5 of Live Music Week in Alexandria, Virginia...
by Red Brick Town on Jul 14, 2015

Why You Should Try Eating at the Kuwait Fish Market

If you’re the type of person who loves trying different kinds of seafood, then the Kuwait Fish Market is truly a recommended restaurant for you to visit. It is an ideal place where you can enjoy a variety of fresh fishes, bought from popular marine...
by Cush Travel on Jun 4, 2015

Noryangjin Fish Market - Seoul

It was kind of a stupid idea to come here.  Not that this place isn't worth coming.  I think this place is interesting in the sense that there are a bunch of seafood for you to choose from and eat immediately buying.  Being able to tas...
by thechichicho on Apr 12, 2015

Fish-Rich Maldives and the Popular Male Fish Market

Among popular Asian island destinations, one of the attractions, second to the beautiful beaches, is cheap yet delicious fresh fish. This is also true in the Maldives. Leading restaurants and eateries serve fresh fish dishes, using the fishes that we...
by Cush Travel on Apr 6, 2015

Manhattan FISH MARKET New Menu

43 New Dishes Swimming To All Manhattan FISH MARKETIt’s the annual menu update for The Manhattan FISH Market and this year, they are giving you 43 reasons to make a visit! This time, get excited over a seafood feast of new and bolder flavours swimm...
by ChasingFoodDreams on Jan 5, 2015

The Manhattan Fish Market, East Coast Mall, Kuantan

The Manhattan Fish Market is one of a number of new restaurants lining the main entrance of East Coast Mall in Kuantan.Inside The Manhattan Fish Market at EC Mall, KuantanI miss fish and chips back home in England. Nothing in Malaysia can come close...
by Our home called Kuantan on Dec 20, 2014

Santa Claus in Old Town Alexandria – An Update

Santa Claus is busy as always during the holidays but, he does have time for a few more events in our Alexandria, Virginia area. Details...
by Red Brick Town on Dec 8, 2014

Ban Phe Fresh Fish Market

The Ban Phe Fresh Fish Market is worth a stop, especially if you are hungry!  The market is located next to the bus terminal, making it easy to find.  The market offers fresh seafood of all sorts found in the Thai Gulf as well as cooke...
by Thailand Travel Blog on Nov 24, 2014

Tsukiji Fish Market Tools

Tsukiji Fish Market Tools Image by mikeleeorg Here are the bloody tools of the fishermen of Tsujiki.

Dalmatian seafood will make you stronger - The Fish Market in Trogir.

Croatia is a great country. I mentioned it many times before. There are two posts already and I'll write some more. I'm not pretty sure how many, but a good news is, that today is a day when I'm ready to tell you about one of my favorite places in Tr...
by Sing Up The Storm on Sep 1, 2014

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