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Santa Maria Maddalena dei Pazzi

Next tuesday we are going to visit the church of Santa Maria Maddalena dei Pazzi. Originally a convent, with medieval origins, Santa Maria Maddalena dei Pazzi became very important during the Renaissance, Botticelli Perugino and Ghirlandaio worked he...
by italian in italy on Mar 5, 2016

Análisis Avanzado de la Piel Florence Barret-Hill

  Análisis Avanzado de la Piel Florence Barret-Hill Análisis avanzado de la piel es el libro para el terapeuta en tratamiento de la piel del nuevo milenio, teniendo terapeutas en un viaje de descubrimiento y revisión de la profesión elegida.
by booksmedicos on Mar 2, 2016

Lil Wayne Hits Up Ollie’s Skatepark In Kentucky For A Skating Session [Pics & Footage]

Lil Wayne hit up Ollie’s Skatepark in Florence, Kentucky a few days ago (February 26th) for a late-night skateboarding session while he was passing through the city for his “The Dedication Tour“. You can view some photos and a short...
by Lil Wayne on Feb 29, 2016

"Florence Foster Jenkins" novo filme de Meryl Streep e Hugh Grant ganha trailer

 “Florence Foster Jenkis“ o longa de comédia que será estrelada por Meryl Streep (“Caminhos da Floresta“) e Hugh Grant acaba de ganhar o  primeiro teaser trailer. "Florence Foster Jenkins" (Meryl Streep) sonha em se torn...
by Sétima Art on Feb 27, 2016

Florence Foster Jenkins Trailer

The story of Florence Foster Jenkins, a New York heiress, who dreamed of becoming an opera singer, despite having a terrible singing voice.
by Box Office Buz on Feb 19, 2016

Calcio Storico

Yesterday a special edition of Calcio Storico took place in Piazza Santa Croce. Calcio Storico is the historical game of (sort of) football/rugby which was very popular in the Renaissance Florence, and is now reenacted every year in summer, with R...
by italian in italy on Feb 18, 2016

Heart-Melting Photos Of Rats Holding Teddy Bears.

Photos by Jessica Florence.Postat în:Photos / Quotes Tagged: Jessica Florence, rats, teddy bears...
by Simple.Interesting on Feb 10, 2016

So we beat on

Florence was beautiful in a different way than I remembered. I'm somewhere else now, far away from him and the guilt, S kept me with her for almost a month. "I came for a wedding but stayed for the funeral" she said when we parted at the train statio...
by My mother fucked Mick Jagger on Feb 7, 2016

Top 10 Most Beautiful Things to do in Florence

Florence doesn't need much of an introduction as it is one of the most spectacular city in Italy or maybe even on the world. In the past it has been a home to many incredible painters, sculptures, architects, poets and important church figures. Even...
by theplanetd on Feb 6, 2016

Classical Studies

We at Scuola Toscana have a new partner – after the courses of Japanese language, and Chinese language, we offer now at our school also courses in classical Latin and Greek. Scuola Toscana teamed up with Giampiero at Centro di … Continue...
by italian in italy on Jan 29, 2016

Florence And The Machine - Dog Days Are Over (letra en inglés y traducción al español)

Poco a poco vamos recuperando la normalidad en el blog tras el aterrizaje a la realidad tras las Fiestas. Una de nuestra tradiciones es la de dedicar los lunes a las canciones que nos sirve el libro 1001 Canciones Que Escuchar Antes De Morir de Rober...
by Corazón de Canción on Jan 18, 2016

The stars look very different today

I escaped to Florence and have been hiding here for fourteen days like a deserter. I went to the airport without packing while he was out buying us breakfast, turned off my phone and got on a plane to see S for New Year's. I haven't checked my Facebo...
by My mother fucked Mick Jagger on Jan 14, 2016

A conductor at Scuola Toscana

One of our best rewards, is when some former student of Scuola Toscana who is in Florence in holidays just drops by us to say hello. Even better of she/he happens to be a regular client, one who returns every … Continue reading →...
by italian in italy on Jan 13, 2016

Son Modernas son fotógrafas

Todavía estas a tiempo si te pasas por Málaga de ver esta exposición fotográfica.Increíble trabajo de las mujeres fotógrafas de la modernidad.Son más de 150 fotografías de los años 20 y 30 del siglo pasado,  20 mujeres, todas figuras si...
by enCINErados on Jan 9, 2016

Simple, Fast, and Made For Clean Eating: Butternut Squash Risotto.

   Over the last couple of months I've posted quite a few pictures of my incredible butternut squash crop this season. I love this particular vegetable and I've used it in a lot of my Indian recipes over the years.  However, butternut...
by The Colors Of Indian Cooking on Jan 6, 2016

The best Cinema in town

Sometimes to study, and to be immersed in a foreign language can be wearysome, even the best student needs some rest, also from the language. Why do not go to the movies ? The most beautiful movie theatre in Florence … Continue reading →...
by italian in italy on Jan 5, 2016

Buyers beware: Don’t Shop for Food when Hungry

Buyers beware: Don’t shop for food when hungry “Caveat Emptor” is an Old Latin proverb which means let the buyers beware. In 1589, a mysterious man came to the edge of Venice. The man’s name, Marco Bragadino. He watched anxiou...

2015; A year to Remember

As I thought about 2015 year in review, it struck me that this was a big year for our travel and perhaps equally so for photography. But I couldn’t help thinking back to some other big years. I have made many trips in the continental United States,...

Harga Florence Spring Bed Terbaru 2016

Harga Florence Spring Bed Terbaru Januari 2016 Harga Florence Spring Bed. Harga Florence Spring Bed Terbaru Mei 2015. harga florence spring bed 2015, harga florence spring bed di surabaya, florence furniture, daftar harga florence spring bed, harg...
by Daftar Harga Terbaru 2015 on Jan 3, 2016

Les 50 chansons de l’année 2015 (édition électronique)

Histoire de tirer un trait sur cette morose année 2015, voici 50 chansons (électroniques) à écouter histoire de débuter 2016 du bon pied. Cet article Les 50 chansons de l’année 2015 (édition électronique) est apparu en premier sur gwend...

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