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Flying Rods Skyfish and Aliens

I have always been fascinated with entities in our environment for which we have little to no understanding. Rods or Skyfish as they are sometimes referred are just one of these entities which we understand little. What are Skyfish or Rods? With the...
by Area 51 UK UFO Alien Sightings on Apr 28, 2012

Aussie Ufo's » Blog Archive » Rods: what kind of life form?

By Michele Bugliaro Goggia – last modified: April 12, 2007 5:52 PM Rods, also called "flying rods", "skyfish", "solar entities" and "Roswell rods", a...
by Aussie Ufo on Oct 27, 2011

Aussie Ufo's » Blog Archive » Aussie Ufo's » Blog Archive » OCCULT VIEW » Blog Archive » FLYING ROD, UFO OR A BUG?

If I happen to have my camera with me and I see an interesting sky, I will take pictures of...
by Aussie Ufo on Oct 17, 2011

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