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Tasty Tantanmen of Little Kodo at BFBTC

Tantanmen of Little Kodo is now available at Buendia Food By The Court (BFBTC).  In the past few days, I was able to visit their food stall located at BFTC Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue corner Bautista and Finlandia Streets, Brgy. San San Isidro, Makati Ci...
by DULDULAO DOT NET on Dec 20, 2016

Christmas feast tips by Midea’s Brand Ambassadors

As people are completing their Christmas list of things to buy for their loved ones and friends, shopping for the very much awaited Christmas feast is also finding its way to the urgent to-do list this season. Majority of families would always go...
by DULDULAO DOT NET on Dec 20, 2016

Strawberry and Blueberry Flavored Loaf

Have you tasted the Double Delights Strawberry & Blueberry Flavored Loaf of Gardenia? I have received recently a gift packs of gardenia and was eager to taste their loaf with different flavors. One of their flavored loaf is the Strawberry & B...
by DULDULAO DOT NET on Dec 8, 2016

Double Chocolate Strawberry Latte

Have you tried the Double Chocolate Strawberry Latte? Sometimes we need to spend time in a cafe that provides good coffee to drink and quality of service for us to relax and enjoy the ambiance while reading books or doing online activities. The Doub...
by DULDULAO DOT NET on Dec 6, 2016

Salted – Free Trial

Salted offers users world class cooking education, right at their fingertips and in the comfort of their own home. By signing up, they get access to excellent recipes, with instructional videos from the best teachers. Many celebrity chefs are feature...
by Freebies Love on Feb 16, 2016

Betty Crocker – Recipes, Coupons, Samples

Sign up for the best of Betty! Get exclusive coupons (up to $250 per year in savings), access to free samples (quantities limited – one per member), our hottest recipes, and more! ( Offer available to the USA Only ) You can Also Follow Us On Fa...
by Freebies Love on Dec 21, 2015

Vico Bagoes Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Vico Bagoes Extra Virgin Coconut Oil memiliki banyak manfaat, baik untuk dewasa, anak-anak, bahkan bayi. Mengapa Vico Bagoes Extra Virgin Coconut Oil? Ditanam di kebun tanpa pestisida (No GMO), dipetik dengan penuh cinta, diproses secara organik deng...
by on Dec 3, 2015


Thinking about what differences you can create on the first birthday party of your baby. These days birthday celebrations have become very much important. You have to show your best. You have to prove yourself as the best parent. A birthday party is...
by ParadizeLand on May 22, 2015

Launching “Nasi Goreng Kimcil dan Black Burger Go-Song” Hotel Horison Ultima Malang

Saya baru saja tiba di Kota Malang Rabu, 25 Maret 2015. Setelah seharian duduk manis dalam kursi gerbong KA Majapahit dari Stasiun Pasar Senen Jakarta. Keesokan harinya, saya bersama Mas Kurniawan (perwakilan dari tim redaksi JAVANICA-majalah elektro...
by Papan Pelangi on Apr 16, 2015

Biskuit Bayi Catemma

Satu lagi hasil riset dari FKM Universitas Indonesia (Dr Fatmah, SKM, MSc) berupa biskuit dengan bahan tepung Mocaf, tepung Tempe, serta selai Kurma yaitu Biskuit Bayi Catemma. Apa itu tepung Mocaf? Mocaf kadang dinamakan Motecaf adalah produk tepung...
by on Dec 2, 2014

Biskuit Temma, Cemilan Sehat untuk Bayi

Biskuit Temma adalah biskuit bayi yang terbuat dari tepung tempe dan selai kurma. Kudapan ini secara khusus diracik untuk balita Balita Stunted (Pendek) dan Wasted (Kurus). Merupakan salah satu hasil inovasi dari program pengabdian masyarakat yang di...
by on Nov 21, 2014

What is a Quinoa?

Quinoa is a species of goosefoot. In simple terms it is a crop that is grown for its seeds. It is not a cereal and is also not a grass. But you can relate quinoa […] The post What is a Quinoa? appeared first on What is All.
by Whatisall on Oct 15, 2014

Restaurant review: Big Kahuna Wings, Farragut, Tenn.

I started writing this review for Urban Spoon, but I noticed they have a tool to link back to restaurant reviews from blogs, so I figured I would just write it here. Maybe I will offer some local reviews more often; I sure as hell eat out enough. **...
by Our Daily Train on Aug 15, 2014

Taking the Manufacturing Out of Manufactured Foods

It goes without saying that there has been an over-arching health and wellness trend in the food & beverage space for the past several decades, ever since we learned (or…read more → The post Taking the Manufacturing Out of Manufacture...
by Innovation Point of View on Aug 6, 2014

Doritos Does It Again!

I can hear some of you scoffing now: “Yeah, right, because the world needed yet another Doritos product.” But as people in the business of innovation, we have to admit…read more → The post Doritos Does It Again! appeared first on Inno...
by Innovation Point of View on Jul 9, 2014

Instant Karma!: Waking Up the Instant Coffee Category

In an interview about his hit song Instant Karma! (We All Shine On), John Lennon was quoted as saying “the idea of instant karma was like the idea of instant…read more → The post Instant Karma!: Waking Up the Instant Coffee Category app...
by Innovation Point of View on Jun 25, 2014

Emotional Eating: The Link Between Mood and Food

I’m pretty transparent when it comes to “emotional eating.” If I’m having a bad day, I’m comfortable declaring to my spouse that this is the case, and I need to…read more → The post Emotional Eating: The Link Between Mood and Fo...
by Innovation Point of View on Jun 11, 2014

The Vegetable Debate: Front & Center or Behind the Scenes?

The USDA recommends that half of our plates at each meal consist of fruits and vegetables. This very visual way of thinking about fruit and vegetables servings was introduced to…read more → The post The Vegetable Debate: Front & Cent...
by Innovation Point of View on May 16, 2014

Cheetos & Doritos: Simplistic Line Extension or Synergistic Innovation

A new addition to store shelves this month is a new snack mix from Frito-Lay containing two “playfully bold” fan favorites:  Cheetos Flamin’ Hot and Doritos Dinamita Chile Limon. It…read more →The post Cheetos & Doritos: Simpl...
by Innovation Point of View on Apr 22, 2014

10 interesting facts about wine you should know

Wine makes people happy, Its a known thing – but as it turns out, there are a few cool facts about this alcoholic beverage that you probably didn’t know. Here are 10 facts about wine that will make you look at your cup a bit differently.
by Interesting Things on Apr 16, 2014

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