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Betcha can’t eat just one… and here’s why:

When 100 Calorie snack packages were first introduced, I was intrigued. This was the answer to my chocoholic  prayers! Finally, it seemed, I could safely enjoy snacks without overindulgence and subsequent feelings of guilt. I proceeded to purcha...
by Diet Tired on Feb 10, 2010

On A New Years Roll? - Prepare For A Relapse

At my clinic, it is normal to see someone in the early stages of our program who is 'on top of the world' one day, and a 'dieting disaster' the next.... Read more...
by Diet Tired on Jan 16, 2010

Feeding at the Holiday Trough

Recent quotes from my clients at Healthy Weights: I just wish the holidays were over. I can’t even enjoy myself at the party. Why is food always the ‘main’ event? Most wonderful time.. more like the most stressful time! My persona...
by Diet Tired on Nov 30, 2009

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