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According to Forbes, the number of billionaires has increased from 49 to 55 in India, 69 to 115 in China, 25 to 36 in Hong Kong, and across Asia-Pacific it surged from 243 to 332 Total number of billionaires, this year, has increased to a record 1,21...
by Share Trading Tips on Mar 10, 2011

On New Faces of Success

I’m certain you’ve heard of Barak Obama, America’s first African-American president (quite literally), but have you heard of Carlos Slim Helú? He is a Mexican businessman who is dominating the telecommunications industry in Mexico and Latin Am...

2010"福布斯"年度富豪榜 2010 The Forbes Richest List

2010 The Forbes Richest List 《福布斯》2010年度富豪榜 排名 财富(亿美元) 姓名 国籍1 535 卡洛斯•斯利姆 墨西哥2 530 比尔•盖茨 美国3 470 沃伦•巴菲特 美国4 290 穆克什•安巴尼 印度5 287 拉克...
by huangzcblog on Mar 19, 2010

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