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Lake Geneva Foreclosures

The first foreclosure I bought was in 2009. January of 2009, to be exact. The home was ugly, the property decent, the list price somewhere around $249k. In January of 2009 there was some sense that the market was bad, but what wasn’t clear yet...
by Lake Geneva Real Estate on Aug 22, 2016

Lake Geneva Foreclosures

Lake Geneva Foreclosures. Those three words were types into search engines with terrifying frequency over the last decade. In the early part of the past decade, the 2006 part, those words were typed because buyers were looking for deals. They were lo...
by Lake Geneva Real Estate on Mar 21, 2016

CoreLogic January 2016 National Foreclosure Report! | Hallmark Abstract LLC []

by The Political Commentator on Mar 9, 2016

California No Longer Foreclosure Kingpin? Playing with the data… again.

The headline in the OC Register about California no longer being the foreclosure kingpin is just flat out misleading.
by Mandelman Matters on Feb 5, 2016

California Supreme Court Ruling is an Important Win for Homeowners

California's Supreme Court has ruled... assuming a purchase money mortgage, homeowners don’t have to worry about deficiency judgments regardless of whether foreclosure or short sale.
by Mandelman Matters on Feb 3, 2016

SIGTARP Report Says 70% Denied for HAMP Loan Modifications – What’s Going On Here?

It’s unconscionable that the loan modification process be allowed to go on as is. The latest SIGTARP Report to Congress makes it clear that servicers need to be made better, or it is likely that HAMP will be with us not just for years, but for dec...
by Mandelman Matters on Sep 10, 2015

Rick Ross – Foreclosures

Descargar: Rick Ross – Foreclosures...

Rick Ross – Foreclosures

Descargar: Rick Ross – Foreclosures...

New Music: Rick Ross – Foreclosures

Rick Ross is gearing up to release a new project titled Black Dollar on September 3rd. Here is the first single off that project titled “Foreclosures”. Produced by J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League and 8 Bars. Hit page ... Read More » The post New M...
by New Hip Hop Music on Aug 31, 2015

Foreclosures are UP and Back in the Headlines Again

RealtyTrac just reported that, “bank repossessions hit a 27-month high in April at 45,168, up 50% from a year earlier.” Uh oh... that doesn't sound like it's over, does it?
by Mandelman Matters on Jun 9, 2015

ECONOMY - Foreclosures

Greed Files"Get ready for another round of the foreclosure crisis" PBS NewsHour 3/5/2015ExcerptSUMMARY:  Despite what you might have heard, the foreclosure crisis is far from over.  Economics correspondent Paul Solman talks to people in Flo...
by Mage Soapbox on Mar 9, 2015

RealtyTrac Flubs Phoenix Foreclosure Numbers

Housing industry website posted a 100% increase in the number of foreclosures in the Phoenix metro area (as well as the State of Arizona as a whole) in its January 2015 report, scaring Valley residents into thinking there may be anothe...
by Arizona Real Estate on Feb 21, 2015

RealtyTrac: Land mines threaten housing recovery, could trigger surge in defaults.

RealtyTrac has been telling the country about housing recovery and that there’s no bad time to buy a home… now they sound a lot like Mandelman Matters.
by Mandelman Matters on Nov 9, 2014

Underwater Loans In The U.S.

More than nine million homes in the United States alone are deeply underwater as of Dec 2013. Homeowners living all across the country find that they cannot depend on their homes to retain the value given when originally purchased. Many Americans bla...
by Wealthymatters on Nov 8, 2014

Do You Want To Know The Reason I am Bullish On Folsom and Sacramento Real Estate..?

It’s All About “Affordability”…!   I want to pass on the numbers of the recent report provided by the California Association of Realtors regarding the 2nd quarter “affordability index”. Click Here for the 1st...

Homes Still Appreciating in Las Vegas June 2014

Las Vegas has seen +12.7% month over month and 21.7% year over year appreciation for May 2014 closes.  Active home listing inventory has almost doubled year over year and pending sales inventory has dropped 25% and sales are down 10% from last year...

School….? or Pool….?


Buying a Home in Las Vegas – That House is Vacant And Looks Like It Is In Foreclosure, How Do I Buy It?

That Las Vegas house is vacant and it looks like it is in foreclosure, how can I buy it? The question gets asked often & many scenarios can play out with pre-foreclosure properties: The owner may catch up on payments The owner may get a loan modi...

Empire Ranch – The Latest Sales Data – Get it Here…!

Market Still Looks Good. I have put together some sales information regarding the Empire Ranch Area that I thought I’d share with you. A quick glance shows that the “Pending Sales” and the “Sold and Closed” deals have ab...

When is the Right Time for Investing in Property..?

This has always been a great question.   Take a peek at this article I found that has some things to watch out for when “investing” in Real Estate.   Not a long read and has some good incites. There’s a lot to consider besides...

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