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Trade Axes~Post to Park 2012

This last winter I was asked by NPR Mike Twist to produce 4 Fur Trade Axes, these were to be for future ceremonial events, gifts to present to dignitaries. Of course it was a privilege to accept this task. I have been concentrating on reproducing art...
by Swords, Blades and Horseshoes on Jun 13, 2012

Have You Ever Been Erased?

Have you ever been ERASED? Now I’m not talking about all those times when an old girlfriend realizes just what a jerk you are and cuts you out of all her photographs. That’s not ERASURE, that’s merely “life editing,” and my life has undoubt...

A Throwing Tomahawk

Throwing AxeJust out of the forge, a throwing Tomahawk ready to be hardened and tempered. This one will weigh 1 lb after I'm finished with sanding. Then heat blued is the plan. HBC Fort Vancouver style with a rounded poll. Made out of 1060 steel. Aut...
by Swords, Blades and Horseshoes on Sep 13, 2010

The Fort

Fort Vancouver in Washington State is a very interesting place, without getting into the academics of interpretation too heavily. Circa 1820's, Fort Vancouver was built and occupied for the next 4 decades by the British/Hudson Bay Trading Company. Of...
by Swords, Blades and Horseshoes on Jul 21, 2009

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