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Why is My Foster or Adopted Kid Urinating in The Closet (in a Jar, Towel, Hamper, Soda Can): The Red (or Yellow in this Case) Flag and How to Deal with It.

By John and Diane I recently got a message from a parent of a RAD, ADHD adopted child who, although having lived with the family for years, recently began peeing in her room. Unlike bedwetting, which is unintentional and usually done in a sleep...
by Foster Parent Rescue on Jun 14, 2012

You and Your RAD Kid: The Importance of the Trust-Building- Honeymoon Period

by John and Diane Working with a child with a trust disorder (also know as Reactive Detachment Disorder, Attachment disorder), whether it is a new foster child or a child you have adopted can be a frustrating and difficult process, especially i...
by Foster Parent Rescue on Jun 8, 2012

Hoarding Food Behavior Amongst Foster Kids: An Opportunity for Understanding and Building Trust

by John and Diane Hoarding behaviors of all kinds are not uncommon amongst foster or adopted kids. Hoarding food is especially common and often times overly worrisome for new foster or adoptive parents.  Food issues can be scary.  Let...
by Foster Parent Rescue on Jun 5, 2012

Putting a Bounty on Bad Behavior: Rules and “Reward” Techniques to Deal with Hitting and Inappropriate Sexual Behaviors Amongst Foster Kids

By John and Diane Kids hit each other whether you like it or not. No matter how watchful you are (and I even have cameras in my home) children eventually strike out at each other in anger or frustration.  This is a situation that I have ple...
by Foster Parent Rescue on Jun 1, 2012

“God Help Me! ” or “How the Use of Faith Can Help Build a Stronger Relationship with your Child with RAD or Trust Disorders”

by  John and Diane Concepts like “turning the other cheek,” showing compassion towards others, forgiveness and service are Christian concepts shared by many religions.  As a Christian foster father, I found that by talking about...
by Foster Parent Rescue on May 25, 2012

Adoption Laws In India

Child adoption laws in India are governed by the Personal Law of each community. This article is the second in a series. The post Adoption Laws In India appeared first on Loving Your Child.
by Loving Your Child on May 21, 2012

Laws Of Adoption In India

Child adoption in India is governed by the Personal Law of each community. This article is the second in a series, the first which was published on
by Loving Your Child on May 21, 2012

Working with Foster Kids and RAD Kids: Part 2: Building on Situational Trust: Bartering for Goods

by John and Diane Following up on “The RAD Child: Situational Trust and Safety Zones” article, I want to discuss how to proceed with your RAD child and how to work with multiple kids in the home. Now that the child has his safety zone (hi...
by Foster Parent Rescue on May 15, 2012

The ADHD and RAD Kid Summer Planner: or "Why I Didn't Lose My Mind While My Kid's were on Summer Vacation" by Foster Parent Rescue

By John and Diane We are only a few short weeks away from summer break from school around here, and if you are a foster parent, or parent of a tough kid, like a child with ADD, ADHD or an attachment disorder, to name a few, the thought of days...
by Foster Parent Rescue on May 8, 2012

The RAD Child, Situational Trust and Safety Zones: Part 1. The Bedroom

by John and Diane As I make my way through a larger text on working with kids with RAD, I wanted to share my techniques with you on how to build a safety zone with a new (in my case at least) foster child with RAD. The best way to help a R...
by Foster Parent Rescue on May 4, 2012

“You deserve this because…?” The Joy of Giving (and keeping track…)

 by John and Diane Monday morning 6am. One of my foster boys comes up to me and, as the appointed spokesperson of the entire foster-son clan proclaims “We want to go roller-skating tonight!” “You do hey?” I replied, thinking ov...
by Foster Parent Rescue on May 1, 2012

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