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How To Recover Lost,Deleted Files from Memory Card,SD Card,USB and Hard Disk for Free

We are currently in a Digital Era where everything is digital. Managing contents in digital format gives us numerous advantage when compared to maintaining them in physical form.At the same time digital data are prone to easy corruption and thereby...
by Gedgetsworld on Aug 28, 2011

what is a good free file recovery software?

Neko asked: I lost all of my pictures….like a ton, more then 1000. I really want them back. I tried downloading filerestoreplus and it was only a free download, I have to pay like 30bucks for a key to make it work. Please if anyone can recomend...
by Studio Software on Jun 20, 2011

Need a very good file free file recovery software?

Karan asked: Need a very good file free file recovery software for windows xpSavePicture Need a very good file free file recovery software? is a post from: Studio SoftwareNeed a very good file free file recovery software? is a post from: Studio Softw...
by Studio Software on Jun 11, 2011

Free File Recovery Software

1)Free Pc and Camera File Recovery Software.. PC Inspector Smart Recovery 4.5 License model: Free Limitations: Not available Operating systems: Windows Me, Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows XP Additional requirements: Not avai...
by on Sep 1, 2010

How to recover lost or deleted files

Have you every accidently deleted a file or folder on your computer and spent the next hour trying to get it back! I have and believe me is not much fun. This is what I used to do right up unti I discovered file recovery utillites!. File recovery uti...
by Free PC Help on Feb 25, 2010

Recovery Disk- What Is Important About It

As far as the recovery disk is concerned you will certainly find them to be very useful. Can you imagine how useful it can be? It can be very useful without any doubt. Just take an example of the bank. Can you guess how hard it would be if the data i...
by About Gadget on Feb 5, 2010

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