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Free Red Bulletin subscription for 1 year

Hell in this post I am going to give yo a trick to get 1 year.First visit this site:- mouse over "THE RED BULLETIN"Fill out info (don't click the 2 year option)After 1 year make another email and sign...
by All FB Hacks on Jul 17, 2013

Free Premium Link generator

I found a website which will provide free premium links.But the site is in Portuguese language.You can use Google translator or any other translator to translate it.This is the site is :- register on to...
by All FB Hacks on Jul 17, 2013

Chance to win an iMac, iPad or iPhone 5(Australia)

Do you need an free iMac test your luck for free.Here is a chance to win free an iMac, iPad or iPhone 5.Visit this link to participate:-
by All FB Hacks on Jul 9, 2013

How To Download Torrent with Chrome

Not too long ago, I posted a post on how to download torrent without torrent client, just using put.IO:How to download torrent without torrent clientput.IO however is limited to 1GB of disk space and 1GB of download per day, for free account:Limitati...
by Outdated Penang Uncle on Feb 4, 2013

Huge collection of Windows 8 icons by Iconshock

Iconshock, the largest icons design site has released an enormous (15,000) metro style windows 8 icons set with a free download version & a premium version.
by PixelPinch on Dec 28, 2012

iTunes 12 Days of Gifts

If you are using iTunes or iPhone or iPad or iPod, you probably already know this. For the rest, iTunes is giving out 12 Days of free gifts starting today (Dec 26).You don't need to have an i-product to eligible for the free gift. What you need is iT...
by Outdated Penang Uncle on Dec 25, 2012

How To Download Torrent without Torrent Client

Torrent, love it or hate it, from time to time we have to download some files that we need from it because the uploader only uploaded it to torrent only. So what if we are not allow to use Torrent Client, or even we installed it but the firewall bloc...
by Outdated Penang Uncle on Nov 19, 2012

Cardigan From Hallo Hallo Mall

I have two reasons to be happy today. One, my mother came to visit us in the apartment and two, she brought with her the package that I’ve been waiting for. I already knew what’s inside upon seeing the LBC package. Since there’s no...
by Whims and Craze on Sep 12, 2012

(Give Away) 1AVCenter: complete audio video center

This blog has been running for 3 years and 1 months but I haven't really do any give away. In fact, none. Why? Because I am a stingy Outdated Penang Uncle. Haha.I have been scouting for my next smartphone for months but I haven't found the right one,...
by Outdated Penang Uncle on Aug 28, 2012

Free Stock Image Worth over $5000

There is a problem for blogger or web writer that is picture. If you are posting your own pictures then should be no problem at all. But for most of us, we don't write stuffs about our-self only, we write topic for the benefit of others and pictures...
by Outdated Penang Uncle on Jul 29, 2012

Free Samples Allure August Free Stuff

Every weekday in August, enter for a chance to win all sorts of amazing beauty and fashion loot—a whopping 32,350 items to be exact. There are two easy ways to win 12 P.M. – Max Mara leather bag 1  P.M. – Living Proof No Frizz Weightle...
by samples-coupons on Jul 27, 2012

Resize Windows with Sizer

GUI, ever since Steve Jobs invented Mac OS and Bill Gates make GUI to even greater height, all we know is Windows Windows Windows. Unless you are a full-screen guy (or girl), I am sure you will have various size of each windows. When I write blog, I...
by Outdated Penang Uncle on Jul 16, 2012

Free Sample Mini Dog With Victoria’s Secret Pink Purchase

Add qualifying Victoria’s Secret Pink items and Pink mini dog in the color of your choice to your shopping bag. The price of your Pink mini dog will be adjusted after offer code is applied. One free Pink mini dog per order. No substitutions. Av...
by samples-coupons on Jul 14, 2012

SSH and SFTP for free [Geek]

Okay, it is not only for geek. If you want to transfer files between servers in different domain, or between your friends or family, in secure way, SFTP is a must. The first "S" on SSH and SFTP means secure. I used to use putty. Someone told me to tr...
by Outdated Penang Uncle on Jul 12, 2012

Bandizip: just another zip or power house?

Zip zip zip. Sometime if you tell a co-worker to compress a file, he/she would look at you and show you a face of "that the **** you are talking about". However if you say zip it, then everyone know what to do. WinZip probably the most popular compre...
by Outdated Penang Uncle on Jul 10, 2012

Remove Empty Directories

The longer we use our PC/laptop, the more files and folders being created and accumulated on the hard disk(s). I always tell myself to do some housekeeping, but where is the time left for that after I use the time for work, family and writing blogs a...
by Outdated Penang Uncle on Jun 25, 2012

How to reduce FireFox Memory Usage

FireFox is always my favourite since I start to use it a few years back. But the problem with FireFox is it is hogging too much memory. FireFox also is known for the memory leak issue even though on FireFox 13 and even FireFox 14 beta (they said they...
by Outdated Penang Uncle on Jun 22, 2012

The Ultimate Boss Key or Boss Mode

Many of us works in office or factory or lab or whatever place, except at home. Some of the time we like to check FB status of friends, wish friends happy birthday, or do some online banking such as transfer money and pay credit card and bills. Or ma...
by Outdated Penang Uncle on Jun 16, 2012

New Google Drive Free Vector and PNG Icon Pack 2012

  Hi friends! How much are you using New Google Drive? Well, I personally have put Google Drive in second place and primarily I use Dropbox. But I’m sure Google Drive will be a hit as soon as they work more on it. I too like Google Drive a...
by PixelPinch on May 26, 2012

Fresh & Best Icon Collection Of The Month May#5

Hi there designers, customize’rs, geeks and awesome peoples. After a few months of break, I’m back with the collection of freshly baked and best icons and icon packs for the month May 2012. Actually this should have been a monthly article...
by PixelPinch on May 25, 2012

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