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Fitness: Outdoor Workout

Last weekend's morning, I succeeded to manage myself go outside and take some time exercising... -- usually I did my workouts (I've been doing Freeletics for a while) at home. You know, as a mom, to have time going outside for sports or doing exercis...

Freeletics Amsterdam

Hi Dudes,last month I started to do#freeletics again, after a longer break. After the first exercises, I already regret to ever stopped to work out. But at the same time I can also feel my strength and endurance coming back. A big motivation is our n...
by Stay-at-home-dude on Mar 17, 2015

Freeletics: Strength guide, sore muscles and app

Hello Dudes,I just started with my second freeletics training guide and I want update you about my latest training. My new guide focusses on strength and I think this will help me to shape and form more muscles. The results of the first guide were go...
by Stay-at-home-dude on Apr 16, 2014


Hi Dudes,I would like to update you on my freeletics training. Yesterday was the last day of my 15 weeks cardio & strength guide and I am glad I successfully completed the training. It was a long way and I struggled several times not to give up.
by Stay-at-home-dude on Feb 24, 2014

Freeletics - Amsterdam sports group

Hello Dudes,I know that a lot of people are interested in freeletics. Thank you for your requests and feedback. I am planing to do my own review video after I have finished my 15-weeks guide (cardio & strength) in February. Furthermore I want to...
by Stay-at-home-dude on Jan 18, 2014

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