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3 choice cool exotic freshwater aquarium fish

mas koki fish   guppy fish  louhan fish...
by fish lover on Feb 6, 2011

types of freshwater aquarium fish - koki fish

  ranchu  buble eye  pearl - scale  oranda  lion head...
by fish lover on Nov 6, 2010

Fish Solitude

Version 2 of my growing cichlid community. You’ll see a Blood Parrot, a Jack Dempsey, 6 barbs, a Golden Severum, a Chocolate Cichlid, a pleco and a baby red albino Oscar. 75 gallon tank.
by Aquarium Fish Online on Sep 27, 2010

100 Gallon Freshwater Comunity Tank

This is my 100 gallon community tank. All fish are rescues. Any and all questions are welcome. I will re-post a new video once all the goldfish are gone. If you want to see a different vid of the same tank without me talking check out
by Aquarium Fish Online on Sep 25, 2010

LiveFishDirect 0001’s retail store and packaging facility for internet orders. This video is a short tour of part of our facility. Here we package our african cichlids and ship them to the end customer.
by Aquarium Fish Online on Sep 23, 2010

95 Gallon Aquarium

Well, months and months later, this is the evolution of my first video posted with the severums. It’s still stocked with 3 gold severums, 1 green severum, 1 emperer shark, a pleco, and 1 clown loach. unfortunatly, the other 2 clown loaches died...
by Aquarium Fish Online on Sep 21, 2010

Harlequin Rasboras at

Harlequin Rasboras make fun and fiery freshwater aquarium fish...
by Aquarium Fish Online on Sep 19, 2010

Tropical Fish Guide Discover How Easy it is to Have a Captivating, Stunning Aquarium Full of Vibrant,Happy Tropical Fish! here’s a sneak peak at some of the secrets revealed in it: * What type of aquarium is best for YOU–saltwater or freshwater. * A l...
by Aquarium Fish Online on Sep 17, 2010

Decorating Your Freshwater Aquarium

Decorating one’s aquarium is a satisfying experiment and mastery in the world of Do-it-Yourself. The challenge for designing is to always present something new, something catchy, something unique. An aquarist can always treat the designing part...
by Aquarium Fish Online on Sep 13, 2010

35L Freshwateer Tropical Aquarium with Blue Tetra

This is my new aquarium. Its a 35 litre Arc Tank with 11 types of freshwater plant, a piece of bog wood and a vine root. There are 5 Blue Tetras (Boehlkea fredcochui) in there and I would like to add a few more compatible fish (any ideas?) even if th...
by Aquarium Fish Online on Sep 11, 2010

Freshwater Aquarium History And You

The history of the freshwater aquarium and aquariums in general are varied depending on who you speak to. What is important today is how aquariums evolved and what they have evolved into. Also, the fact that aquariums do have a history, and it is rat...
by Aquarium Fish Online on Sep 9, 2010


Video montage of several different freshwater aquariums! The first 2 tanks are mine The next 2 tanks are my girlfriends and the last one is my sisters dwarf puffers, ghost shrimp, otocinclus catfish, gouramis, guppies, black molly, neon tetras, betta...
by Aquarium Fish Online on Sep 9, 2010

125 Gallon Freshwater Community Tank

Just want to share my tank with the world!!!! I keep in the tank the following: 7 Cardinal Tetras 8 Harlequins 2 Bala Sharks 1 Red tailed Shark 5 Corydoras 4 Chineese Algae Eaters 4 Black Mollys 4 Rams 2 Siamese Fighters 2 Clown Loaches 2 Discus 2 Le...
by Aquarium Fish Online on Sep 7, 2010

Freshwater Aquarium Information: Home Marine Life

An aquarium provides a representation of what marine life is at a very small scale, although what I just said would probably not be the actual reason why aquarium hobbyists are so captivated by these little cute creatures swimming about in a fish tan...
by Aquarium Fish Online on Sep 5, 2010

Freshwater Aquarium Setup Tips

The first step in having thriving, healthy fish in your aquarium begins with your freshwater aquarium setup. There are several items you will need right away, before you purchase your fish. These include the aquarium, aquarium gravel or substrate, fi...
by Aquarium Fish Online on Sep 3, 2010

Freshwater Fish Blog

Fish Blog of the previous sunday, I love my new fish. Music Mad World-Tears for Fears (This is actually the original one, not the one from Donnie Darko) Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar)-The Doors Possibly related posts: (automatically generate...
by Aquarium Fish Online on Sep 1, 2010

Tips for Choosing the Best Freshwater Aquarium Design

Setting up a freshwater aquarium is a rewarding project, but it can be somewhat daunting at first.  Deciding on which fish, plants, filtration, and other accessories to get requires careful consideration.  The whole process has to start somewhere a...
by Aquarium Fish Online on Aug 28, 2010

bushynose pleco

my 10 gallon fish tank feeding them black worms……. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated) Related posts on bushynose help im working on a 55 gallon tank and want a good combo so it … H.O.T. Magnum Canister F...
by Aquarium Fish Online on Aug 26, 2010

200l freshwater tropical community fish tank – aquarium

This is another update of the tank. I have added a few more fish with a total of 21. The plecos and khuli loach were shy and did not show up for the camera shot...
by Aquarium Fish Online on Aug 20, 2010

How To Maintain Your Freshwater Aquarium

Before you buy an aquarium and fill it with fish, you need to find out what is involved in freshwater aquarium maintenance. One thing you cannot do with success is buy a group of fish, place them in your tank and then think that all you have to do is...
by Aquarium Fish Online on Aug 20, 2010

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